First grow - how does she look & am i ready to harvest? (pics, please respond)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by knobodyknows, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. Hey folks!

    Just wanted to get some feedback from the community here on how my first baby girl looks and am wondering if she's ready to go:)

    Afghani Kush, grown in FoxFarms soil. Any and all comments greatly appreciated!

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  3. The trichomes are mostly milky with some of them having amber specks - there's a few I found that are still clear.

    From the pics did I do for my first time?
  4. looks pretty good, hope mine look anywhere near that good. Mine are Blue Rhino, Afghani is one of the strains in my plants' genetics:smoking:
  5. Good job on your grow knowbodyknows......zpyro, +rep on the trich info........knowledge is power!
  6. Looks delicious.
  7. Looks AWSOME!!! What kind of light? Did you start from a clone or a feminized seed?
  8. When all the pistils are mostly changed color ( white to strain color ). When about 90% are no longer white, kill the lights for 10 days and flush , once every day. Keep em in the dark, so all the last in the bush is pushed out, towards the, and in the bud.

    Cheers n a toke

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  9. this is your first time growing? nice :eek: Have fun with all that lol

  10. Thanks man:) I started from buddy gave me a sick plant (REAL nutrient deprived the leaves were WHITE) and I brought it back to health and took clones off of it.

    I cut that one down last night and it's drying, the rest of the crop I'll wait another 3-4 days I think, based on the trichome colors.

    I used a 1000wt MH for veg and 1000wt HPS for bloom. Some of them seriously stretched when I switched the light so next time around I'll be putting a few CFLs around the plants to try and minimize that.

    And ya, it's my first grow:) I read a TON on here and other guides before I started though. Had some early problems with PH and I know I over-fertilized a bit this time around based on the pinching at the end of some of the buds.

    I'll post pics of the rest tomorrow:D
  11. Looks great for a first grow. I'm on my second (the first I left them to a buddy for a weekend and...well we all know how that usually works out)...

    for my harvest I plan on taking a bud or two at each trich coloring stage, but will harvest the majority when about 50-70% are amber, and take a few when all are amber...this way I will know what I like the best for my next grow, maybe give that a shot.

  12. Here's the rest of the girls. Not bad for a first time I think:hello:


  13. not bad for a first time? *rolls eyes* lol that looks like a pretty decent collection there considering most first timers usually try miracle grow soil with an incandescent bulb lol. good work!
  14. Thats a beautiful plant. Did you grow in a grow cabinet? If you did, do you have pics. I'm trying to get some ideas for my first grow. Any info would be appreciated.
  15. looks very kind, i wish i did this good my fisrt time! looks like an outdoor strain
  16. Mine are only halfway to knobody's but you can check out my cab setup in my thread (click the sig) my cab is 3x3x5 and I've built it all myself, including the room in which it sits :p
  17. Most people harvest when the trichomes are to their liking. I chop when mine are about 50% amber.
  18. hey man i got 1 fem afghan kush seed in the mail, ur girls look awesome i cant wait to start mine.
  19. Did you throw a handful of seeds in a wheelbarrow to get all that? That looks like a mass of seeds tossed in one community grow all sharing the same dirt. Is that what I'm seeing? Damn, might try a "Hail Mary" grow like that myself. Could throw a bunch into a wheelbarrow and let them go..grow to town. Fill me in on your grow sil vous plait

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