First Grow-How Does it Look?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by GitLifted, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. what up GC, Just posting some pics of my baby gurl.

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  2. Very nice! How many watts of CFL's are you using?`
  3. How many weeks into 12/12? Plant looks nice dude, and im curious how many watts your using to. Im flowering my first grow under CFLs too.

    Good luck with your grow!
  4. Dam dog lookin good. I would love to know how many cfls you have, as Im also doing my first grow with cfls. It seems like you have a shit load of em lol.
  5. Looking good man. How many watts of cfls are you using? Also how far along is that plant? Keep it up
  6. You are going to have some light on the top of that plant, right?

    How old is it?

    Looks healthy. What are you feeding it?

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  7. thanks for the replys yall, haha we are using 500 CFL Watts right now. You can't see the 6 lights on top in the pic ,but we got it pretty much coverd. We are in day 9 of flowering because we had some issues with the final location because this little girl wouldn't stop growing ,so we let her veg for 57 days. Ill be posting more pics as she gets bigger and starts to bud and eventually post a grow journal.
  8. word.

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  9. Still Movin Along, How much you think that looks like there on the right dry? (in G's)

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  10. Hard to say, you lose at least 75% of the weight when the buds dry, so in all honestly those would probably shrink up a lot. Just give it time, they are fattening up.


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