First grow how does it look it?

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  1. I screwed the cfls into a plastic base which used to hold floodlights. I don't know where to get them as I have had this one in my basement for a while. Sorry I could not be more helpful.

    urgr8estfear Hey bud! Nice plants you got there!
    1 small warning : smashing CFLs or any other fluro bulbs will release mercury (and tri-phosphates) into the environment.
    I sure hope you didnt smash em in your grow room.
    Mercury kills! (ask any golddigger)

    Thanks a lot for the information. I did not know that. I have since switched locations from where I was growing (the bulbs smashed inside the video cabinent I was using.) Thanks again.

  2. Here are some updated pictures. I have had the lights on 12/12 for 5 days now. I am hoping to determine the sex and then re-veg the plants. I have narrowed the plants down to three and planted the other 4 outside. I can't tell if the plants are showing any signs of sex yet.

    Once again I am terrible with cameras.

  3. If you could get some lights directly above the plants instead of next to them you would illuminate the plant's leaves more effectively. And they would grow up and not sideways.

    Also, next time you water, make sure you make all of the soil in the pot wet and not just 1/4. This will stimulate root growth which will turn into better grow-rates because of improved water/nute absorbing. Ofcourse this also means you should wait longer in between waterings.

  4. Thanks again for your help! I'll be sure to follow your tips.

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