First grow how does it look it?

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  1. This is my first ever grow. The seeds are Northern Lights/ Early Pearl mix. I am using Fafard potting soil. I am growing inside of a video cabinet. I will be moving to a bigger space with bigger pots asap. I have not used any ferts yet but I have some 20-20-20 would that work for vegging? The lights I am using are cfls with an output of 100 watts and I have 3 of them currently as a couple have smashed. How many would I need for 4 plants? I have a lot of seeds so I have planted a few outside but I just wanted some good weed without having to wait for the whole summer to harvest it. Thanks for any thoughts/tips.

    Sorry for the bad pictures, I suck with cameras.
  2. Your plants look really good! no probs i see.

    About how old are they now?
  3. very nice lookin....did you do any training?
  4. They are looking way sexy!! Keep up the good work. I hope mine will turn out that good:)
  5. Thanks for the comments!

    The plants are about 28 days old now. I did try at first to tie down the plants but the leaves kept leaning and growing into the lights and burning. I had to get rid of two plants that burnt way too much.

    Also, has anyone had any problems sexing the plants and then re-vegging them? I want to do this to get rid of the males so I have more room. Thanks.
  6. i hope mine look like that im still in the germi stage wish me luck.
  7. Sexing and re-vegging should be fine. Your plants also look fine. For 4 plants you will probably need about 400 watts start to finish.
  8. mmmm dank- I'm sure yours will turn out fine if you have read a lot. This is my first time with any plants. I am really proud!

    SmknVTEC- Thanks a lot for the help. I was hoping that you would find this thread. :)
  9. im soo excited my plant just came out of the dirt :D its beautiful

  10. :)
  11. Those girls are looking sexy, If you end up getting a light that you can place farther away I highly suggest LST, it has worked wonders for me, I am still on my first grow, however I chanced it and performed LST on all 4 of my girls. Widened them right out.

    What can I say? I love a girl with a thick full bush...

  12. speaking of bulbs whered u get those sprialy ones and how much, i need some real bad thanx, and hope ur grow keeps goin well. lata
  13. Thanks for the tips mrprickleypete I'll probably give that a try as I want the plants as short as possible. ' What can I say? I love a girl with a thick full bush..." hahahha that cracked me up!

    mmmm dank- I got the bulbs which are called cfls from Home Depot it was like $12.00 for a pack of two. The bulbs only use 23 watts of power and put out equal to 100 watts.
  14. hey dank dont get those lights just took a trip to home depot and found a 150 worklight for 15 bucks(for light and bulb) I would go with that if I were or you better deal and more wattage it also has a reflector :wave:
  15. i love this forum such helpful people thanx.:smoking: ill go there after school today.

    ur fellow grower

  16. you have a link for that kind of light? I'd be interested in seeing it.:)
  17. hey mrprickleypete

    ive just started to germ sum seeds and want to know more about these lights uve recommended for when i start to grow, how do they widen youre plant, wot wattage u usin, how have u set them up etc. anything else u can ad is a plus

    also respect to the BUDding (pun intended-sorry, never again) horticulturalist those plants are looking like somethin out of a magazine, perfect, looks like someones got natural green fingers, just one Q though why have u chose to grow them in cardbord boxes? is tha a tip ive missed

  18. Thanks, I'm very proud of my plants! As for growing in the cartons, I had run out of pots for the plants. All of my seeds germinated, which I wasn't expecting. The cartons were a quick fix.
  19. hey i got a question for ya, what did you screw the cfl bulbs into? and how are they hanging above the plant, cuz it looks really convenient. (compared to what im doing)
  20. Hey bud! Nice plants you got there!
    1 small warning : smashing CFLs or any other fluro bulbs will release mercury (and tri-phosphates) into the environment.
    I sure hope you didnt smash em in your grow room.
    Mercury kills! (ask any golddigger)

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