first grow how do I look with pictures

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  1. This is my first grow wanted to get an idea of how I looked from more experienced people. I have 3 northern lights blue and 3 og kush. Grown in FFOF in eco grow system setup. I'm using a scrog and am currently 4 weeks in flower with 3 to go. I'm using 4ft 8 lamp t5 lights in a 4x4 tent 20141115_090003.jpg 20141115_073327.jpg

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  2. your canopy looks perfect. You would do much better with a high pressure sodium. But if you cant handle the heat get that thing as close to those buds as possible while maintaining proper temp. Besides that youll do great. Keep those bulbs clean for maximum light output. Good luck.
  3. Thanks I normally keep the light about 3 inches away no temp issues.

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