First grow - how am I doing so far?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by sixxx, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Hey Grasscity,

    This is my first grow ever using Chemo Grizzly bagseed.

    I started off with shoddy light and the plant stretched, but now I have 2 26-watt CFL's (6500K). One of the CFLs is directly 1 inch above the plant right now with a fan blowing on it. I've done this because I thought more light would get to the plant, as opposed to having the plant in-between the Y and having the lights on each side (above) the plant if that makes sense.

    I made a horrible mistake of using Miracle-Gro Moisture Control (being an armature gardener, I didn't think this would be so bad for the plant, but with research on Grasscity I am going to transplant it to Fox Farm if I can get my hands on it).

    How does my set up look so far? Should I move the plant in between the two lights, or is it doing okay right under the one CFL at the moment? Suggestions?


  2. Lookin good man. Hope to see some fat nugs soon!
  3. idk if it's just the angle that you took the picture at but you should center the lights directly above the plant, it looks like 1's only above it and that will cause the plant to bend towards that side

  4. Yes, as mentioned above I did this on purpose so that the plant was as close to the light as possible, as opposed to having the plants above and slightly to the sides of the plant until it's bigger. Should it be moved in the middle position between the two CFLs?
  5. Also, is having the humidity right now at 81% too high?
  6. My grow's a week or two ahead of yours and I'm using CFL's as well. I'd like to follow your grow to the end! Keep pics posted, and good luck

  7. Hello Jello,

    Keep track of my grow journal in my signature - it's going to be picture heavy!

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