First grow || House hold equipement ONLY

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  1. So basically i am using anything i can find in my house.
    check it out!

    Currently in the growbox:

    -2 seedlings of bag seed
    -2 clay gardening pots
    -a lot of top soil
    -1 14 W CFL
    -1 17 W CFL
    -1 10,000K fluro
    -Aluminum foil
    -Spare computer power supply (Hotwired to work individually)
    -2 80mm Computer fans

    EDIT: Okay so , i found a secret compartment in my closet , its pretty sweet. Soo , i decided to put my babies in there. This is so ghetto , i hope it works.

    Below is an animated GIF , so several images show up ( 8 total) , keep watching!

  2. I've heard that you don't want to use aluminum foil. Don't remember why though.
  3. it reflects heat unvenly. if you can paint the inside of whatever you are using flat white, do it. you won't be disappointed.
  4. really? damn... what if i use like white computer paper?
  5. umm, probably.
  6. like i dont want to paint the inside white , because its not mine and it will be kinda obvious once i put it back where i found it.

    actually , what i can do is i can take this packaging my dad has , its shiny (envelope) and isn't crinkly like aluminum foil.
  7. I've used alumiuim foil before with no problems only cause it was winter and it was cold, so I thought it would insulate alittle bit. Depends on your temps too. If its way to hot in there and higher then 90 use white. If you do a good foil job and use the shinny side it works good. But painting is easy too. Remember CFLS don't get real hot like HPS. So like i say use what you have.
  8. you should get the plants closer to the light..
    it looks like you can't really lower the lamps, so just raise the pots up the the lights
  9. thanks for the tip bro
    so yeah , moved my area around a bit , ive got one light on right now , a FEIT Daylight100 (100W) [color temp=5800K daylight]. Its now close to the plants and right in between them. Ill get another 100 once they start to get bigger , but 100 for both should be fine.
  10. one thing,
    that's 100watt incandescent equivlent, it's actually only about 23 watts or however much your bulb is.
    so you only have 23 watts in there.
  11. oh 4rl... crap that means i need to add another.

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