First grow...HGS superstrain...CFL+HPS

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  1. Hello grasscity and welcome to my grow!
    I tried to be as detailed as possible writing this and i know i probably left some stuff out( if so let me know) but i need as much help as i can get! I made the mistake
    of rushing and had my mom plant my germinated seed while i was on vacation. Her not knowing any better, she placed the tap root facing UP so my plant had a little trouble the first few days and has lost about an inch or so of height due to the stem being halfway down the F-ing rockwool! Thanks Ma!

    My set-up:
    Lights- 105watt CFL (5000K) for veg, 400 watt HPS for flowering
    Medium- DWC, bubble bucket (Thanks rumple4skin, it works like charm!)
    Nutes- General Hydroponics- Floranova Grow+Bloom
    Fans- 6" Clip on blowing directly over plant, 6" 250 CFM exhaust fan

    Some deets on the Bubble Bucket:
    2-100 Gallon Tetra whisper pumps
    4-3" airstones floating wildly around the water because i couldnt make them stick to the bottom:mad:!!! Tried silicone, caukle, all that shit just made messes for me to clean.
    Hydroton clay pellets

    This is the only surviver of my 6 superstrain sprouts. They were all outside in a humidome and this one (at the time) was the weakest so i decided i would take it inside and test my new cfl on it. Luckily i did that because the other 5 were scorched to death around a week later. So this is what we have to work with. Its a small little bush, my guess is that its indica ( fat ass leaves). The light is kept around 3-4 inches from the top but i think after im done with this post, im gonna move it up antoher inch or so to stretch the plant a little, youll see how bushy it is in the pictures. I used the recommended dosage of floranova grow for plants in early growth. When i left for the city 4 days ago, the roots had not even broken out of the net pot yet. When i returned, last night, there were multiple roots hanging from the net pot ranging from 1-6" and were all furry and white and healthy. I was like a kid ona chirstmas:laughing:. The 400 watt hps is coming in 2 days and i think ill begin flowering either then, or a week from then. I also adjusted the pH to around 6.0-7.0. Had trouble getting down to the 5.5-6.0 area.

    I think im seeing some signs of nute burn? slight yellowing on the leaves and purple around the edges of the leaves. Also, the majority of the shoots are purple. Is this a sign of nute def. or is this just genetics and i should be excited? The latter would be spectacular, Im a purple bud connoisseur.

    If anyone has any input please share. Im totally open to constructive criticism. Again this is my first grow and im just looking too get some buds.

    Ill try to have some pictures up today but untill then...thank you all!!

  2. You set up sounds pretty solid. I'm no expert on bubble bucket grows so I can't really help you on that. A purple stem is probably genetics working. Get some pics up!
  3. the stem on mine is purple, and ive seen many other pictures with purple stems, very normal.

    my flappy leaves which came before my main leaves were also purple for alongtime.
  4. hey man, sounds good, get them airstones on the bottom asap, the DO levels will stay much higher, and your longer roots need 02 as well.

    to get them in the bottom with NO glue or silicon or w/e.

    cut a 7.5 inch piece of half inch pvc tubing, you can get 4-7 feet for a few bucks.

    stick a 1/2 inch T fitting on the ends and that will keep id pressing against the bucket keeping it in place, go to rumpleforeskins how to in BB`s in the general indoor for pics of how to do it, i do all my DWC systems like this
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    yeah i saw that part on rumples thread but im using the 3" round airstones and they wouldnt work for that method. Good looks though, im gonna try again to get them to stay on the bottom, weights or something. The yellowing on the leaves worsened so i flushed the bucket and filled it with fresh, pH adjusted water with floranova grow mixed in. I also moved the light away so its about 6 inches from the top (to far or no?). And as far as the pics go...theyre on my comp im just gonna wait till stay tuned.
  6. and i understand that the purple stems are no problem but noone thinks that the purple leaf edges is a problem?
  7. Sorry about the picture in desprite need of a new camera... that one is a whopping 2.0 megapixels!! But if you can make them out, you can see the yellowing of the leaves, the roots, and the distance from the light and of course the overall growth. These pictures are at 3 weeks from seed. Thanks again fellas, and stay high!:wave:
  8. Just checked the plant...i either see small bananas forming or pistols, i cant really tell. Does anyone have any good links for this? My camera isnt good enough to pick it up:mad:
  9. suction cups should work great for the round stones
  10. sorry to blow up your thread dude, but you could also put an inch or so of lava rock in the bottoms and let that hold the stone down and culture beneficial bacteria at the same time.

    look at what IMgreen has done with lava rock man, he rn the same hydro solution for like 14 weeks or more shit is crazy.

    be sure to boil or cook or steralize the lava rock if you go that way.
  11. Wow good thinking! And you blowing up my thread is a good thing...thanks for all the help! Keep it comin';)
  12. haha i love growing and i love bubble buckets,

    more than all i love all the help i got around here when i first started, spreading the knowledge is what we`s all about.

    what are your PH and PPM levels?
  13. Im not sure. One of the next things im going to invest in is a pH meter. I relize know that its vitale. But i used my state-of-the-art General Hydroponics pH kit and it read ~6.0. And as far as the nutes, it said to use a tsp per gallon and i used about 3 tsps. Thanks for allt he help doob3r! Im glad someones paying attention.:D
  14. do your nutes say what ph their balanced to? and what brand?

    how long have they been bubbling that mix, it seems a tad strong for little guys like that
    but its all good just get on top of a ph and ppm meter and keep the ph and ppm right youll be in for a good time with them buckets.

    if they get over fert`d and burn up just dilute your mix a bit more, cant wait to see how it plays out man.
  15. Ive had them in that solution for around a week but for a week before that i had them in the "seedling" solution which was probably a bad idea and im not too confident in my pH adjustments so what are some signs of to acidic/basic? And i just ordered a pH/TDS meter so theyre on theyre way:). And i do think theyre pretty burnt up so im gonna flush ASAP.
  16. Wait I'm so confused, how many plants are there?:confused:
  17. Haha, just one bro, the other 5 i had on my patio and i left the humidome on during a really hot day. Came back and they were allll scorched to nothing! I was pretty pissed but its not the end of the world...Im more excited to start my lowrider mix!
  18. Whats up brahs, my 400 watt HPS came last night and i managed to set up a closet with mylar, exhaust fan, and the light last night. I also did that flush, pH is around 6.0 and a diluted the nutes a little bit, its picking up growth a little now. The newest set of leaves is covered in sugar:). Im uploading pics onto photobucket as we speak so untill then, please feel free to comment.

    P.S. Has anyone used Advanced nutrients and if so, how was your experiance with them (the nutes not the people)? I plan on ordering Bud blood, Big bud, Overdrive, and Sensizyme, I have heard some great things about these products especially when used together.

    stay high:wave:

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