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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by 40ozfreedoms, May 15, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm pretty new here but one of my friends used this for his first grow!

    I have some really good seeds (maybe 20-25) that I've been collecting from $20-$25 a gram weed (afghan purple kush, fire diesel, sour diesel etc.) & I have this 3 feet long by 2 feet wide cabinet that's maybe 3-4 feet high would this be okay for growing for the first couple weeks? I have Mylar paper coating the sides & some lights I have rigged to the top. Also have a thermometer/fan to keep temperatures exact. After they grow my plan is to move them into a very big moving box that will have a fan in the back & lights. I want about 5-8 plants & am hoping to get about 2 ounces or more. :) I've been smoking for four years but this will be my first grow :)

    Please leave comments on my setup! & any help on certain lighting, feed, soil, etc. Is much appreciated as I will need the help :)

    PS- the cabinet/box will be in my woodshed away from rain but is subjected to become realllyyyy hot since I live in North Carolina. Anywhere from 70-100 degrees. This may be a problem /:

    Thank you fellow smokers :)
  2. I'm too stoned/drunk to get into too many details right now, I will be back later though, but I will say this- 5-8 plants should get you way more than 2oz.
  3. I hear you bro. & yeah I'm pretty high. Maybe I meant off each plant lol. :p but get back to me when you sober up or whenever you feel like it :)
  4. Will do, I'm subscribed now so I'll def be back. Per plant sounds better. The more detail you give on this thread the better, lighting, grow medium, nutes, etc... I'm sure you'll get more responses tonight and I'll be back with a clear mind tomorrow. I'm also a hydro guy, so if you're goin soil I can help with everything technical but not nutes and such.
  5. get a bigger space for sure.
  6. What is a good amount of space? Should I keep them in the same area their whole grow life? Or move them according to their growth?
  7. That all depends on how big you want your plants to get. for 5-8 plants you will need more room than what you mentioned in your earlier post.
  8. I had a flower chamber that size, with a 400 hps and passive air, and SCROGged 8 zips/crop, but not in a hot shed. You'll definitely need to "screen of green" that box.
    Your heat is gonna be an issue, since the ambient temp will be too high. HIDs will be too hot. Maybe with cfls, you can make it work. Lots of air transfer. Either way, lights on at night and off before the heat. I tried in a shed, and I am in NC also. I fought the heat, but got some decent bud. Good luck.

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