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  1. just got my ri medical card so figured id start growing since I can have 12 plants in my house. Im looking to get a 48x48x72 grow tent with a 1000w mh light and witch it to an hps bulb when I go to flower but what should I do to get a higher yield more plants but grow them smaller or fewer larger plants
  2. Hey Homie hats pretty much exactly the set up I have, I only have 6 at the moment so I'm jealous of you. But anyways for maximizing yield I would recommend more smaller plants using either SOG (sea of green) or SCROG (screen of green) which I'm not going to fully explain in this post but you wil be able to find the info on here. Again anyways you will have a shorter veg time and larger yields
  3. hi dude, id say do some research/lil bit of reading & you can make an educated choise of your own to suit your needs, theres many many methods/tips/tricks you can apply to a grow to increase yeild by quite alot, things like LST(low stress training) is basically "bending" your plant to incease yeild which could easyily match the yeild of muliple plants etc, things like this will help you make a choise the suits you,

    i think this may be of interest to you, its all about "plant training" for increased yeilds etc, these methods are great for people with plant limits etc
    Plant Training - Forums

    hope thats of some help.
  4. it depends on genetics and conditions.

    if you were looking to have a constant yield instead of unfrequent mass quantities, i would recomend trying "lots of small" on a perpetual grow.

    your not growing the plants to be very big, so the yield isnt off the charts, but growing many at a time can add up.

    -- at the same time, gardener to gardener, theres nothing i love more than a huge fatass bush
  5. alright thanks for pointing me in the right direction ill be starting a grow journal within the next few weeks
  6. let me know if u do, il check it out
  7. well Ive been researching and thinking alot and instead of buying a tent I have a 50x80x96 walk in closet that I dont use would I be better off using that or the tent also if im not wanting them to be more than id say 48" should i use a scrog or sog or just lst and top them
  8. also should I buy a decent amount of seeds or just say a half dozen and clone from there
  9. clones are easier( IMHO) to grow. but opening your room up to other peoples clones also invites in all of the other growers bug and virus problems. stick with seeds, and run a short crop. as your knowledge and experience increase, so will yields and trychs!
  10. alright well ill be ordering all the stuff tonight so hopefully within the next few weeks it will be started once they are germinated ill put them in small party cups but what kind of light should I start them out under or just go right to mh and switch to hps for flowering

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