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  1. Hi all,

    This is my second attempt. The first time, the plants died due to re-potting mistakes etc.

    This is how they're nice. I'd appreciate some advice right from the starting stage, since I don't wanna mess up yet again. Things that I have changed since my last time: the soil has better drainage now. Its got perlite in it.

    I have a bottle of NPK Nutrients, but I haven't used it yet, since I figured the plants are so young.

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  2. First things first - A. make sure that you're growing in a quality grow soil that drains well and B. If you're not already make sure you've got decent lighting, and I don't mean a couple CFL bulbs.

    Folks will be able to help you more if you let us know what your current grow situation is like - space, equipment etc.

  3. I also can't stress enough to spend the time needed doing research - or it will be fail after fail. Now, I'm not saying that this is the case here but too many start growing before doing the required reading and then wonder why it's not working.

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  4. OKay, so the grow soil I have now is meant for potting. I was recommended the last time to get soil with high perlite content. And thats what I did. :D

    As for lighting, I use the sun. I get sun for about 13-16 hours a day, so I use that. And this is an autoflower strain, so I'm hoping that works its magic. Its an indoor grow. I've put my 2 pots on the window sill, which as I mentioned, gets 13-16 hours of light every day.

    I planted the seeds last week. I water them once in 2 days or so. I've been careful not to over-water them.
  5. Good luck.

    Start saving. You can get yourself a 300W (150 watt at the wall) GalaxyHydro LED panel on Amazon for $79.00. No, it's not a thousand watt HPS but it's a darn good little light that would get you started into this hobby and most importantly it would allow you to maintain CONTROL.

    $79.00! man, you could return cans and come up with $79. in a couple weeks. Do yourself (your plants) a huge favor and get yourself a light and start blasting your plant with some real lighting.

    $79. bucks.

    Wait - jeez they're down to $69. now lol

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  6. Oh. That sounds like a good idea. However, isn't sunlight good enough? I mean, I get sunlight for more than 12+ hours now, and these plants will probably flower in about 8 weeks or so, hence I ask. :)
  7. Using sunlight for just one plant is wasteful.
  8. As in? Can you explain? I mean, I don't have to do anything for sunlight. How is it wasteful?
  9. There are millions of auto growers that would love to have that sunlight and you are going to use it all for just one plant? Light is everything to an auto. They are not too picky about anything else. Autos were very challenging to me when I first started with them. Now I see it was because they are so simple that 99% of the photo advice you get out there is totally BS. I'm having good luck with small regular feedings of a well balanced fertilizer with calcium. If your drainage is good I wouldn't worry about too much water. I really can't think of any way possible to fail with an auto in sun. Unless a cat or a tornado is involved.
  10. Haha. Great. I shall start with the fertilizer I have in a few weeks perhaps. Otherwise yeah, thanks. :D

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