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  1. Hey guys! so after one heavy smoking night, i decided it would be a great idea to grow my own herbs, after doing research for some time, i think im prepared pretty well theoretically. The only thing i need with help is to find a good spot, after days of searching my local woods and what-nots it appears to me there is literally no place to plant that will be safe, and will fulfill all the requirments in my area and that caused me to think, why don't i plant in a cornfield? what could go wrong?

    The thing that definetly wont happen are :
    Me getting shot by the owner of the land (as guns are not permitted in my country and i know the owner doesn't posses one) so please dont tell me not to do it as im going to end up on the news.
    My MJ will not be cut down together with the corn before i get to harvest, as i know the owner will be cutting down about mid-end fall and i will be using Auto Flowering seeds for my first time.
    I doubt that the place will be found as when i first visited it there was no sign of anyone stumbling upon it ever before, literally no trash whatsoever, pretty overgrown area and no foot steps or any other noticeable thing, also the guy who own's the land lives quite a bit away and visit's pretty rarely before it's time to harvest.

    Now the area i plan to plant in is not a corn field, it's just kind of inside the cornfield i guess? (as seen on pic, red marks the spot, purple are trees near the spot, the whole water stream is covered in foilage and trees so didn't draw that, the spot is also in sort of a ditch, which is why nothing is planted on it)

    so here are some questions that need to be answered:

    I've read about corn sucking out all the nutrients from the ground however will this roughly 3m wide are be also affected by it?

    Will the plant be getting too much sun if i plant it too fast? the field is pretty open and get's about 10 hours of sun on a 12 hour day.

    How much will i have to water my plants?

    Is it better after germinating them to start my seeds off in a small container and then plant them at the site or just pop the directly into their destined place?

    How many plants should i start off with?

    And most important of all is this a good idea? what should i do to improve it?

    The things to take into consideration are that i will be using an AF strain of AK47, read that it wont grow like wild (should stay less than 1.2m) and the corn if planted at similar times should be growing at roughly the same speed. Also the fact its AF it should take me no more than 3 months to grow them (should finish in 70 days)
    I will be seeing the field almost every day as i drive down a dirt road next to the field on my bike to get to work so if any thing happens to my plants (e.g. they get found) i will know about it.
    I plan to visit the site about 1 time a week (maybe 2 if it's a really dry summer) at night (around 1, 2 am)
    The site can't be seen from any houses, it's covered by trees from one side and the over side it's covered by the field being on a slight hill and the site at the bottom of it.

    To me the whole idea is pretty great and quite frankly my best option , it would be great to get some questions answered and the site rated. This is my first grow so any advice will be very helpful.

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