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  1. Hey guys, I was going to do my first grow but don't exactly know what I need. I have been reading up on this site but i still dont understand exactly what the nutes do and are for. What all do i need to start out cheap? I have a lamp here I could use temporarily and if possible just get a lightbulb for it? What bulb would you reccomend and please explain the nutes thanks
  2. You need to keep reading. :) There are many methods of growing, with a variety of different setups. The way you choose to gro should depend on your circumstances and requirements.

    Nutes are required to feed your plant.

    Lights come in many shapes and sizes and types.

    Check out the sticky topics in the grow forums. They are full of the info you are looking for.

    Growing can be reasonably simple, but you get out what you put in, in the first place. Gluck. :smoking:

  3. Well what do you mean feed them? Dosnt water do that..
  4. Its so hard for me to not be a smart ass. I need to remember I was once there, even though I researched before i still didnt know crap.

    So nutrients are for feeding your plants. Plants are like people, they eat. You dont need to worry about that for a couple of weeks at least.

    Go to wal-mart and get yourself a light socket splitter and two "daylight" bulbs. Look closely on the back of the packages and you will see "kelvin temperatures" This is the spectrum, you want the 6500k, get two.

    plug the splitter and both bulbs in your lamp. germinate your seed or just drop it in some soil and off you go. keep the lights on it at least 18 hours, (thats another thread entirely) Dont over water.

    That will get you started.

    While its growing and you experience a million different issues you will learn tons. Dont expect much yield.
  5. You are a good man I have this!


    Dude, you gotta at least put an hour into reasy some sticky's before people can give you info. This is not the place to get spoonfed. You need to get in the sticky's and get your hands dirty.

    The folks on this board will help you through thick and thin, but you clearly aren't doing you homework, which takes some of the motivation for folks to help you out

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