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  1. First grow, seeds into soil on 3-7-13. Regular potting soil, cardboard 16oz cups. 400w MH light about 20-24" away. General organics ferts. On an 18/6 schedule for now. Have a circulating fan on the light and above canopy, 6" fan blowing fresh air from basement and 6" fan exhausting air 8' into attic space. Grow room in approximately 4'Wx2'Dx8'H. Temps are between 78-85. It's been 9 days since planted in soil. Pics later. App won't let me load them now. Please, all comments and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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  2. That soil looks really moist and I don't see any perlite or vermiculite. Also, don't use nutes until 3-4 weeks of solid growth. I recommend you get some perlite or vermiculite as it helps get more air into the root system and that is crucial for a good root system and a vigorous plant.
  3. No perlite and vermiculite, you are correct. I have recent pics tonight coming. One is getting her second set. How much perlite n vermiculite do I need and do I need it for my larger transplant pots? I was thinking about a 32gallon tub and section it off or in half so I can grow 2 in 1 bin. Roughly 16g per side theoretically... I would put 2 in each bin and leave my "mother" in a 5 gallon bucket... What's the best way to do this? And also, LST, when to start and how exactly?
  4. Here's the recent pics I promised as of today


    My biggest


    View down on em all


    Looking down on the biggest


    Looks like 3.5" to me


    #2 in the list


    #2 again

    If u zoom in on the little one diagonal from the big one, does she look alright?

    Thanks again for all the replies and help

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  5. Well, is take that tub and mix your soil in it with some perlite. If its 1 cubic feet of soil I would put about that in perlite and make sure you use the bigger perlite not the small fine mix that soil up well and use 3-5 gallon pots to transfer in after 3 weeks. If you are willing to spend money, say 100 dollars, go out and find so e earth worm casings and kelp meal an alfalfa meal. Around here in the west those four items ( perlite included) run about 50. Mix 1/8 a cup of each meal and the entire bag of earth worm casings and give it a good week . You could also add compost or some bat guano, but for a first grow you don't need anything other than perlite and some good lights an water
  6. So, from seed, they are 16 days old today, planted on the 7th of march. Here is the update.

    The biggest one is growing mad. Does she look stretched out at all?

    When do you start the LST? What do u look for when starting to LST? And any tips n help would be great.

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  7. So I just transplanted the biggest one into a 32gallon tub. Mixed some new soil, 25lbs and 5lbs of worm castings. Light is 13-16" away and just fed with root juice and some thrive grow. 1/2 strength on the nutes for now with 2 liters of water. More pics later tonight.
  8. Pics as promised

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  9. Does that look like a deficiency or nute burn?
  10. Why in a 32 gallon tub? Is it going to be 20 feet? Get a 2 or 3 gallon nursery pot to put it In:)
  11. Well it's in a 32gallon tub just cuz it's my first grow, if it turns out to be a good plant going to take some clones because sour is on the top of my favorite list. Whatdya think though so far? Does it look like nute burn on those bottom leaves?
  12. More pics updated! They're looking great IMO. Lol lemme know what u think and any help is appreciated.

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  13. They are growing. Just be patient and water them properly until they have a few nodes and you will be good!
  14. it looks like your plant was lacking nutes as the plant needs nutes it uses it from the soil first but when the soil has no nutes it then starts to use nutes from the leaves starting from the bottom up going up as the leaves loose nutes they turn pale green almost like yellow

  15. When u say "was" you mean when the pics were posted? When do u start LsT training n such? I add nutes every 3 or 4 days for fear of nute burn... They are both just a month old. I've seen diff strains look A LOT taller n bushier at 1 month... It's a sour diesel BTW.
  16. I see very little perlite in that tub, needs a lot more IMO. Your yield and growth rates will explode with the proper drainage. Too much compaction or water retention will suffocate your root system, leading to stunted plants and other problems.

    just mixed this up yesterday, here's my recipe

  17. And they seem to love the nutes! When should the LST start?

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  18. Here's another update with better pics to follow.

    I have a pic of the nutes I'm using and a pic of their feeding chart. Tell me what everyone thinks. My watering can is 2 gallon and I've been doing 1.5x of the chart for 2 gallons.


    This one^^ is the bigger of the 2 sours.


    This one^^ is the smaller of the sours. The smaller one seems to be a little more stretchy and lanky. Lol

    I'd like to hear some more replies on this. I'm a first timer and would love input or suggestions... As stated in earlier post, they were started from seed 3-7. And it's currently a month later and this is what they are. Do they look small?

    Thanks everyone

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  19. So idk why I really bother anymore, but here's another update... That's if, anyone cares. Idk who's been following but csmas has been some help and I thank you.

    Are those "pre flowers"? On top?

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  20. Looks good man, I've been following your grow. Keep posting!

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