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  1. Alright guys, so I'm about a week into the process and decided to take some picture. I'm going to try and update this thread daily/every other day.

    Let me know what you think, and whats up with my plant (the last picture).

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  2. your plants are all showing a very small case of heat stress, lift the light a little, do you have a fan blowing across them? If not do so...
  3. Because all of his leaves are either blatantly or slightly twisting and/or drying and curling?

    Just curious because my temps are around 80-90, so I'm trying to keep a close eye on them for things like this.
  4. I had the lights down about 1" to 2" lower. I since then raised them up to what you see in the picture.

    I have a fan blowing over all of them and I usually leave it on for 3-6 hours per day.
  5. What kind of soil you using? Yes Heat is a big thing especially when there so small so be careful. :smoking:
  6. I forgot the exact name, but its just a bag of potting soil I picked up at Lowes. :rolleyes:
  7. Ive read other suggestions to use the Miracle Grow Potting soil with about 40% - 50% Perlite.. Keeps soil from compacting and drains awesome... Seems to be working with my first time grow..
  8. When am I supposed to start adding nutrients?

    All I have been doing is watering is every 2-3 days. I'm not really sure what nutrients I need to buy/ where to buy them.
  9. I have a sick plant today. Its getting dried up and turning yellow :(
  10. Here are some updated pictures!

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  11. yeah man move those cfl's further away they will burn your young plants, you don't need to add nutrients for a couple weeks
  12. Alright, I'll lift them up another inch or two.

    As per watering, I have been doing 200mL of water per day per plant. Is that too much/too little? Should I be watering everyday or every other? I have my lights on 24/7 and the fan on also.
  13. when it comes to watering, dont get yourself mixed up with will learn to tell when they need it and when they dont...the general rule of thumb is to stick your finger an inch into the soil and if it is still moist dont water....a good thing to do would be to read some of the stickys on this sure there is one outlining plant problems and symptoms they may give
  14. You should change your light setup if you can. Most of the light from CFL's comes from the sides of the bulbs not the tip. Keep it up and have confidence in yourself. I'm on my first grow as well.
  15. You should start feeding as soon as you see the second pair of leafs. Also if its to dry, vegetation needs about 70% humidity. When you water your feeding should be done at 800ppm. Just make sure the water goes trough completely and dont leave any excess water at the bottom. Also you should use a blue light spectrum cfl for vegetation growth. There color code so blue is 6500k and red is 2200k. Also leave the fan on while the lights are on. These plants need a lot of air.
  16. There growing so fast!!!

    I'll have some updated pictures tonight when I hang up the emergency blanket I bought at walmart for $2.88.:hello:
  17. haha that's the way to go, I bought a 12 pack of mylar emt blankets for real cheap on amazon
  18. So I have the emergency blanket and going to put it on in a bit..first I'm going to show you some updated pics.

    I tried to move the plant from the red solo cup to a bigger red pot, and all went pretty well. There were a couple tiny roots that came off....and I feel the transfer could have went smoother. Will this affect my plant much? These pictures are taken about 2 hours after I moved the plant. The plant your looking for is the one in the red pot.

    And boy are these plants growing fast...who would of thought they would be this big at 9 days??:hello:

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  19. Awesome that's a good job. What's the strain?
  20. Its just a bunch of bag seeds I got from my friend. I didn't think they would look this good from the seeds I got....but then again I've never grown before.

    I'll have some updated pictures later today.....

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