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  1. Ok so, I won't make this a long read. I've lurked, learned, researched,compared, obsessed and everything in between to begin my first grow. I know how to use the search function as well. I still need help with a few things...mainly opinions, but opinions that can help me save money.

    I'm going to be growing Greenhouse seed Co's el niño strand in a supercloset gorilla grow tent with the 20 aeroponic spots. I know there are cheaper tents, but I've decided on this tent as it definitely offers more bang for the higher price.

    that is the link to the tent. My question is mainly about the upgrades.

    Are there any eBay listings or websites that I can buy an entire grow cycle's worth of nutes for cheaper than the $249 techaflora package they offer? Or is this a good deal, as I have read that techaflora is a pretty decent line?

    I will definitely be doing a grow journal when I start in about 3 weeks.

    Thank you in advance
  2. Ha...I don't know where I got the 500-800 from. Im smoking og kush right now haha.
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    Hahaha no worries my friend.  Luckily, you aren't the first stoner to post on these boards!
    General Hydroponics Maxi Series.  $32 - all the nutrients you need to grow from start to finish.   I don't really have a budget for nutrients (meaning I can spend as much as I want/need to, and I use these because they're great!)   As it ends up, you can get EXCELLENT quality nutrients for a very low price when the manufacturer doesn't have to spend millions on marketing material trying to convince you of how good it is.   You don't need additives and all that extra junk.  Later on as you get better at growing, I would recommend experimenting.  For now, stick with the tried and true methods.

    Note, you may wish to research "Lucas formula"  which you can use these nutrients with. 
    You can waste your money on fancy labelled nutrients if you want, or you can grow killer weed with these nutes, and save your money for a nice pH meter.
  4. I use the General Organics GO box. Has everything you need for at least one grow with less than 10 plants or so.
  5. Check out Technaflora Recipe For Success starter kit... Great nutes and everything you need to get started.

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