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First Grow Help Me Out

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by Skrilla', Mar 24, 2003.

  1. Hi all, im new to grasscity and ive decided to start growing my own plants, please tell me what i can do to make my plants grow better or if im doing something i shouldnt be.

    Im growing outside in a good, hidden place that gets sunlight pretty much all day, i planted 10 seeds in a medium size plastic storage box. i germinated 8 and just straight planted 2. I just planted them yesterday so its day 2. I live in southern U.S. and its springtime and from april to like, september/october. This is an ok environment right? Ill post pics when they start getting leaves.

    Oh yeah-I used compost and topsoil in the boxes. Also, should i be fertilizing, if so, when and how??? Any comments gladly accepted
  2. try the link under my sig and keep us posted on how it goes!....
    v...........Peace out.........Sid
  3. Im thinking about groing a plant indoors but will a UV bulb or 2 work??? I think it may be too hot. My Plants have not sprouted yet, but i will check them when i get home this afternoon, i planted them sunday and they were germ'd so should they be up by now?
  4. Also, the soil i am using right now is not the best, but i did break it up and make sure the plants could grow easily. But im thinking when they start getting bigger would it be better to put a few garden rocks in the bottom of the bucket, then use potting soil and topsoil or would the rocks not help any? Also what ferts and when should i use them.
  5. you obviously didn't read the guide then.....?......uv lights will be no good for growing, in the guide it tells you which lights to use and which are best.......as for the soil, you'd be better with some good quality soil to give it the best chance possible......you reap what you sow.........Peace out......Sid
  6. Alright i just got a plant from a friend thats about 6 cm tall and just getting its first 2 serrated leaves, is there anything special i should do?
  7. Take it to your spot and don't use fertilizer until later.Your other seedlings should sprout soon.
  8. Is it possible to grow hydro with a bubbler setup outdoors? Even if you were sure it would get enough sunlight. But what abut the light/dark cycles and all that? Will it flower too early?
  9. i would say the only way to run a hydro bubbler outside would to have ur plants right outside ur house so u can power the air pump with an extetion cord other wise if u just put them in a bucket of water they wont live

  10. What? no
  11. well, i checked my plants yesterday and 2 have sprouted from the soil. One has the two first leaves AND 2 of the usual leaves w/ 1 blade, dont u call that a node? and the other that sprouted was just getting its leaves, the one with leaves is about 5 cm high and the other is about 3 cm. Im about to start a grow journal w/ pictures as soon as i have free time to go check them again. So be looking in the grow journal section!!! Wish me luck
  12. I checked them this morning and there are 4 seedlings. 3 are growing the second node. Ill get pictures up this afternoon when i get to the house
  13. can i use ferts yet? i have 15-30-15 or something like that and it says 'plant food'. SHould i use that today?
  14. don't fert till approx 20 days old....as for the fert you have....it's bordering on a flowering fert.....try to get some thing with the numbers more close.....like 10-10-10...Peace out........Sid
  15. I like to sit and talk to my kids for a little bit everyday, they seem to enjoy it and have always been good to me... If you have the time read the grow guide to them and they should do the rest... GooD LucK!!!

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