[First grow help] GHS Jack Herer and WOS Mazar

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    Hi all,
    I've decided to start growing and after figuring out the logistics, I finally did it!
    I need some stealth since I'm growing inside my unit so I decided to go with a PC grow for now and see where it goes from there.

    So here's my setup:
    2 GHS Jack Herer (from Attitude, these guys are awesome!)
    1 WOS Mazar (also from Attitude, freebie)
    1 pc intake fan
    1 pc exhaust
    2 CFLs (125W each)
    Coco coir mixed with perlite
    CPU lined with reflective insulation

    I decided not cramp them all in there so I separated one JH and left it outside relying on actual sunlight.
    I'm on Day 2 of sprout now, attaching some latest photos- I've seen a lot of photos in threads and I'm curious why my girls are so tall but with tiny leaves. I'm wondering perhaps this is genetics but perhaps I'm missing something here?

    If all goes well, I could turn this into a grow journal... Prolly will since there's a chance I'll run into problems considering I'm still just getting started.
    Any advice is appreciated. Thanks guys!

    EDIT: Quick note on Attitude Seeds, my first time buying seeds online, was nervous as hell since it's not legal here and they're tough on weed (they burn down large plantations they find)... I had to pick up packet from post office (it was explained that this is standard process for registered mail, which I don't mind since I like knowing when my mail is arriving. Packaging and customs declaration was super stealth, had no problems and FAST shipping considering I'm on the other side of the world. :)

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  2. That means the light is too far away, gently cover 2/3 of that exposed stem with more soil. Fill that pot up a bit more.

    What's the temps like in that of case? Air flow?

  3. Thanks for your advice! Yup, that's what I was thinking- it was a good six inches away :-/ I already moved it closer around 2inches below the light, is that too close?

    I haven't gotten around to measuring the temps yet but when I'm around the house, I leave the side side panel open with both fans running. It doesn't feel warm above the top of the plant though. What's the ideal temp, by the way? Thanks again! :)
  4. Honestly I've read a lot of threads on here, and going by my personal heat issues, anything under 80 is great lol. Sorry what Cfls you running? It's still a baby remember. 2 inches is pretty close

  5. I'll have to check the temps. I'm running 2 24W (124W) Tornadoes... I'll mobile and see what happens. So far the JH is growing faster and larger than the Mazar. Thanks again! :)

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  6. This lil one is the one outside the PCbox, she isn't as tall and her leaves seem to look good. Before sprouting, I put her under a CFL of 100W for a good 24hours for heat. Now she's been getting all sunshine no lights. I wanna compare how she'll turn out compared to the controlled lighting. Where I live we get pretty much 12 hours day, 12 hours night but since she's in my room and I sometimes leave the light on longer at night, we'll see what happens.

    Excited and giddy since I haven't really grown anything seriously til now. Keeping my fingers crossed. :wave:

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  7. YIKES!!! I found my pc girls in trouble today. The Mazar totally wilted and looks dead while the JH has yellow spots on the leaves.

    What happened? Is it cause they're too close to the light or...? :eek::confused:
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    Moved this to Absolute Beginners section... Thanks! :)

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