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  1. Good evening

    I am currently in the 4th vegetative week of my first grow. I have a 1m x 1m x 2m, 400W HPS, approximately 40 cm from the top of the plants; the temperature is around 27-28 most of the time, humidity a little low, just around 40%. Today I noticed yellow spots on some leaves and also some leaves are curling up.

    I watered the plants 4 days ago with a little nutrient added (50% of the suggested dosage).

    As you can see the moisture meter shows that the soil is still wet. I think that these meters are garbage and that he plants need food. Am I right?

    Thank you for all the tips. :wave::hello:

    The first pic is my best baby. :smoking:

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  2. Numbers look good. That baby looks like a Mg def but not 100%. What type of fert are you using? She def needs a feeding though.
  3. It looks to have nute burn, to much nutrient, to be honest i would just water it(without ferts).

  4. I used different types according to the Hesi table.

    Maybe it's really too much nutrients because the soil that I bought had some in it already. :devious:
  5. What kind of soil did you use? On your 4th week most soils have leached out all there nutrients.

  6. I don't know what kind of soil. I told you I'm a newbie. :eek:

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