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  1. IMG_0922.PNG IMG_0925.JPG IMG_0926.JPG First time grower, long time stoner-

    I'm on my first grow and trying to make due with what I have. I have a bag seed that hopefully turns into a beautiful lady under 4 23 watt cfls and 3 100watt equivalent LEDs. All 5000k except 2 2700k cfl. I recently ordered 4 6500k cfls to replace my light set up. It's been growing for about 3 weeks and I think the grow is slow but I have no idea. I've been cautious when watering it and have some calmag on the way because I noticed some small brown spots. I have one very small desk fan blowing almost beside the plant and a floor fan about 6 feet away blowing down on the plant in an all white closet. I'm using an organic soil that I bought at Walmart that had worm castings in it. Just curious if the plant looks normal, what I can do to boost it up (in a very tight budget) or any thing I might be missing. I have been considering switching to distilled water but not sure if it makes much of a difference or not. I have not tested the ph on the plant because I'm not sure if I need to at the point. All the help is appreciated!
  2. Those are pretty small for being 3 weeks old . Being droopy and in the pics they look like they need to be watered . My first grow I used cfls and I was already about 4 nodes high by 3 weeks . So move your lights closer cfls within a couple inches with ventilation.
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  3. Soil looks it has way to Much bark and not much perlite at all. My growth was also stunted bro like tiny, I then got a PH pen and corrected it and the baby shot up like mad!! IMO ph plays a massive roll as it obviously affects the way the plant up takes the nutes from the soil / resivoir... also invest in some better soil best suited to growing bud...
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  4. How do I supplement the perlite into the mix now? Or should I wait and add it when I transplant them to a larger pot? I have the cfls about 4 inches away from the plant right now. I eased up on the watering because the first set of true leaves completed twisted into a circle so I thought it was from that.
  5. And any recommendations on soil?
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  6. Well you can't now bro, yeah when you transplant make a mix of 70% soil 30% perlite - I'm growing hydro but this what I have read
  7. Biobiz light mix - or fox farm
  8. Also I stand corrected by wifey.. it's been 16 days since sprouted.
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  9. My mare swears on the biobiz light mix... I just could
    Not get any good stuff in Australia so I went hydro.
  10. Nice! The hydro is to complex for me at this point. I'm still fucking up with just soil
  11. I thought the same Mann but it's actually quite easy!! Just need to make sure all levels are right and she is good to go - wel fingers crossed, just a lot of reading and also help from this forum.. just get some better soil and make sure he water is PH'd abs you will be good
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  12. Alrighty, I have a few things,

    Your lights cfls won't get you much but they do work, but you need to get them close like everyone says. 2700k is great for flowering and I see you know your spectrums!

    Soil, yeah... perlite is needed pretty bad in that mix. But I also noticed that pot barely has soil in it, what gives? Promix is what I use and I love the stuff great for everything sometime I don't even add perlite and still have great results.

    There's a lot of factors for why it's small. Lights to far
    Poor soil

    Hell the bag seed could have been a pheno that's just weak. I have one right now that's super weak. But the frost it made is absolutely ridiculous.

    Also If you're on a tight budget organics cost next to nothing! There's a sticky thread in " indoor marijuana growing " called: " organic growing without bottled nutrients " or some shit like that. Best of luck! Keep us updated

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  13. IMG_0930.JPG IMG_0931.JPG IMG_0930.JPG IMG_0930.JPG IMG_0931.JPG So quick update. I got a few more 6500k cfls so switched it up a little bit. Have 4 6500k cfl, 2 5000k cfl and 1 5000k led (making due with what is available). I added some more soil to the mix and test it at 6.6ph. It does have worm castings and very very lite perlite (or something of that sort in the mix). After reading jerrys post I will certainly be switching to all organic for next garden. Couple pics below. A couple more leaves have appeared and I'm wondering if by chance its showing a little cleavage lol. Let me know what you guys think. All help and feedback is appreciated
  14. Heres mine day 16
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  15. Way bigger than mine at day 16 but I did have a lot of trouble
  16. Damn!! What's your setup and all?
  17. Fox farm ocean forest soil, water phd at 6-6.5. A 135watts of LED. Thats bout it.
  18. O and also... good genetics haha
  19. yeah, your seed plays a big role. these were grown in the same exact conditions, they're both 16 days old in the pictures. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Anubis Autoflower Grow
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  20. IMG_0044.JPG
    This is ow day 16 for me bros
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