First grow - heat troubles?

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  1. Hey guys,
    first of all, this is my first grow so be kind to me :D
    I orderd some fem auto Northern Lights, because i wanted to figure out, wether growing is fun to me or not and i wanted to keep is as simple as possible. (we also got some random bonus seeds, which i gave to my roommate)
    I guess this was my first mistake:
    everything went pretty fine the first few days, i got my T5 150w system started and the plants seemed to appreciate it. But after the first week or so the random seeds got bigger and bigger and my plants stopped to grow pretty much. (Theyre now about 15 days from sprouting)
    First we thought that it must be the difference between autos and regular plants, but up to now were pretty sure it wasnt.(His plants are almoast tripple in height and have big pretty leaves)
    So we tried to figure out, what the problem is. After we hang up a thermomether, we saw that it was almoast 95F. It doesnt feel hot, when i put my hand under the light and i didnt know that cfls would do that amount of heat.
    But anyways, i pretty much believe that this was the reason for the slow plant growth. The problem is, that my plants now are just a little over an inch high and only got maybe 1-2 weeks to go, until flowering triggers. Question is: Do i have any chance of yielding shit with these, when i regulate the temprature now, or have i damaged the girls in their early days too much?

  2. A t5 running 95 degrees? That doesn't make much sense. How small is the grow area and what are the ambient temps?
    Also I'm assuming you have nothing bringing in fresh air, even as simple as a fan?
  3. I got 2*2,5 ft and about 3 ft in height, i got a fan running between the lights and the plants and living here with about 70
  4. My first bet would be over watering.  Is that a possibility?  It would cause the stunted growth and yellowing.
    Alternatively, are you sure your mate isn't the one with the NL autos, and these are the regulars?  Because if you told me there were pics of 15 day regular seeds under 150w CFLs, I wouldn't be that surprised to see this.  Although I'd still ask if you were over watering them.
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    Haha yeah im pretty sure i got the Autos ;)
    Maybe i overwatered them a little in the beginning. They were in much smaler pots and i had to water almoast every day because the whole pot was dirt dry.
    Now they re about a Week in the bigger pots (i know it was a mistake not planting Thema directly into the big pots :( )
    and i watered them once since then.
  6. In terms of growth, they always suffer a little shock when repotted and that holds them up growing for day or two or even up to a week.
    Also watering every day because the soil is dry is good. They need to get oxygen to the roots which they can only do when the soil is not wet, that's why over watering is bad and ideally you would give them enough water for 1-2 days.  If they have been sitting in a big pot of wet soil for a week, they wont be enjoying that very much.
    When you have a small plant in a big pot, until the roots spread through the soil and are able to draw water from it, you have to be mindful to water the plant and not the pot.  If you start your seeds in their final pots next time, bear that in mind.
    You could try to mess with them but I think probably all you can do is leave them for a bit longer and see what happens.  If the soil is really wet because you gave them a good watering in, perhaps they would prefer repotting but... they're autos, and the more you mess with plans the more chance you have of ruining everything...
    You must feel pretty bummed, but they might yet come through for a little bit of bud and the learning experience of the whole thing is valuable. Keep a close eye on your mates plants too and just learn what they look like, what's normal, what seems right and seems wrong about the grow environment.
    Fingers crossed, and good luck!
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    Thats right, they gave me a lot of experience already, mostly what not to do but i think its fine.
    Just hoping they recover a little during the next week and enter flowering stage not that fked up as they are right now.
    A little reward would be quite nice through; but we ll see :)
    The only point i dont understand is how that t5 can put out that much heat..if i leave the doors open im arround 70 and when they re closed im somewhere between 85 and 90.
    You've got a 150w transformer running all day making light.  The light isn't that intense, so you don't get much heat radiation from that like you do with a hps bulb, but the transformer is inefficient and converts some of the electricity directly into heat energy (like your phone or laptop charger).  In effect, you have a 150w heater that happens to also emit some useful light.  Even LEDs are hot when you have so many of them it adds up to 300w of energy.
    The heat builds up because it can't escape, so you need to get some kind of airflow going while the lights are running.  It wont take much, but it does need a solution.
  9. Hey guys, its me again, i d like your opinion to the random seeds of my roommate ;) here is a picture , shes now 20 days old :) (5 inches high ;) )
    She was just under a 3*18w bulbs light and looks beautiful :)

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  10. Looks good!  As she gets bigger those bulbs wont cut it, you'll need more to keep light covering the plant.
    Re the autos from before, I've seen evidence of them behaving like yours are: being tiny for ages, and then BOOM they grow the shit out of themselves and come good.  Fingers crossed for you there!
  11. Hey guys,
    unfortunately they didnt boom until now, so we decided to do some experiments to at least figure out, why they´re looking like they do.
    On our latest test we put the goodlooking freebie plants into my box. After about 4 hours they looked really sad, with their leaves hanging (pic below).
    So maybe somethings wrong with my growbox?(also a picture below)
    The blackwhite foil seems to smell a bit, whenever opening the box, maybe there´s something wrong there?
    Maybe its even the light - but when i look arround here i dont think i provided them "too much" during the seedling stage lol (150w, 10k lumen).
    Would appreciate some comments on my thoughts,
    peace out :)

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