First grow, having some issues, please help

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    Ok so i started my first grow on halloween or a week ago. I got 6 clones from a friend (4 sweet island skunks, 1durban poison, and 1 pure kush) I got them in a rockwool cube and planted them in soil when I got them, I watered them once when i planted them with tap water with adjusted ph, then i noticed on wednesday a couple plants the leaves started to yellow and droop, on one of my SIS's they are curling pretty bad so on thursday i flushed them with straight distilled water with PH of 6 and then yesterday i flushed them again with distilled water ph at 6 with 1/4 General Hydro FloraGrow micro and bloom and doesnt seem to be helping. All the new leaves seem to be fine its only the old ones that seem to be having problems. Any help suggestions greatly appreciated i dont want to loose my first crop! Temp at 75 humidity at 55-60 have fresh air coming in always and a fan blowing over them with 10 soon to be 14 27w 6500k clfs. i threw a few of my White rhino and strawberry cough that were bagseeds, they seem to be doing great! And when should i put them in the 5 gal buckets?

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  2. yo, you might need to move those into some larger cups or a pot, i take it those are solos?? your roots have probably reached the bottom already...that might help, if not, you might be feeding them too much want to go almost 1/4 strength or less on the nutes when they are at the beginning of the veg cycle...what kind of light do you have it under? putting a fan on them will help them a lot now too....
  3. pretty sure that nutes aren't necessary for the first 2 weeks or so from clone. The soil should be enough.
  4. they are most likely focusing more on roots than growth if they are freshly rooted clones. And still recovering from the transplant. A lot of the time the old leaves have been wet and in a more humid place. Once it makes a few more leafs cut off the old ones. A fresh cutting doesn't grow new leafs until it gets a new set of roots so it has a firm foundation.
  5. Everything is good, new leaves are sprouting everywhere they are lookin really healthy now, except the durban i dont think its gonna make it... thanks for the all the input

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