First Grow, Have some questions

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SweetSensii, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Is my plant male or female?

    are these leaves nute burned?

    if so, should i cut them or wait for them to droop and pull off
  2. Wow im pretty sure that plant is male and is in very bad shape any way its male!!!
  3. The bottom 2 pics are different plants?
  4. You have a boy its very male. Sorry bro
  5. really disappointed to hear that it is a male.
    its the same plant and the thriving side is the side with buds; the side with yellowing leaves are on just one side of the plant
  6. If its bag seed thats how it goes. 50 50 chance. If you want a female 99% of the time buy some Fem seeds. Heres a picture to make it more clear. Males vs Females is like humans you can not not be able to tell there radically different.

    How did the side of the plant get ravaged.

    Dunno if your a new grower but look at it all as a experience and try again.


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  7. Yo! Thats a nigg@! Nigg!
  8. yeah its a boy :( rip it out if you have other plants in the room.
  9. Great balls of fire!!!!

  10. Thats funny! Lol.
  11. @rhapsodyrcks early in veg i directly put nutrients in to it when watering, causin nute burn then i continued to heal it and it flourished on one side and stayed like that on the other.

    one more question.
    When i hit the plant (still havnt taken him down) dust falls from him, is this keif? can it be smoked

  12. Thats probably pollen.
  13. Yo! U need to go on utube and look for marijuana growing and it will have several good videos, one of my favorites is this dude with face painted green and green overals. Hes also funny! Lol
  14. i got the growing down and now that i know how to add in nutrients the next one will be way more fiya. i think this plant was actually a hermi due to light leaking. gunna put up a sheet

  15. The area should be completely free of light when your in 12/12. One single beam of light can disrupt the night cycle for your plants. They found in studies that it took less then 2 min of a tiny amout of light to disrupt the cycle.

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