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  1. Hey everyone,
    I'm new to the site and a new grower as well. I am four and 1/2 weeks into vegetative growth with 3 feminized Pineapple Kush and one non-feminized Sensi Kush plant. All have been sprouted from seed. I am/have been running a 600w MH bulb on a 24/0 cycle. Its a soil grow and I am using 3 gallon nursery pots filled with Foxfarm soil. I'm currently using a water, water, feed cycle with 1/4 strength nutrients. I have some questions about nutrients, but I will get to that later. Since I have seen some calyx development on my 3 Pineapple Kush plants, I decided to take a cutting from each and force flower just to make sure I'm working with females. I realize that I have Fem. seeds, but due to heat and nutrient issues in the beginning of the grow I am mildly concerned that I may have stressed them into herms. (Fingers crossed that I didn't!) My grow tent is 4x4x8ft tall (Its just black plastic sheeting draped and hung with mylar covering every inch of the inside). There is a fan on in the grow space at all times for air circulation, as the light gets pretty hot. As of yet I am unable to figure out the best ventilation scenario. As it is now, the tent is always kept open a few feet for the fan to be able to circulate new air from the rest of the house. There is also a central heat/cooling vent in the room and I leave the fan on in that system.
    Once I am able to determine plant sex from the cuttings I would like to clone some of the females. My question in regards to that is, how long after they have rooted will they be able to go into flowering? I only have one light and one tent for now and had originally planned to switch to 12/12 when the plants have reached 8 weeks. Will I produce any bud with the clones if they are taken soon? It doesn't matter if its a small amount, but if not I won't waste my time :) Also, if anyone could suggest a clone grow medium that they have had success with I would appreciate it! I'm debating between rockwool cubes and a perlite/vermiculite mix right now.
    Okay, on to nutrients. I didn't start giving nutrients until about 2 weeks into veg, is that okay? Also, I was a bit sloppy a few times and apparently got the nutrient solution + water on some of my lower fan leaves and under the MH it caused them to burn and die. Should I increase my nutrients from 1/4 strength if my plants aren't showing any deficiencies? Also, how can I tell the difference from a nitrogen deficiency and a chemical burn on leaves? From the pictures I've found online its been hard to tell.
    These are all the questions I have for now and thanks in advance for any help!

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