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First Grow Harvest/ Start-Finish pics

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by Joben76, May 11, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone my first grow has now came to an end. I learned so much while growing, my next grow will be much better. I will try topping,fimming, and LST. Thanks to everyone on G.C. for all the answers to my questions. Special thanks to SmkinVTEC for helping me out early in my grow. Heres my shiva shanti ladies.

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  7. Nice dude! Are they dry yet? Be sure to post pics of the dried and/or cured buds.
  8. Not completely dry yet, its been 6 days today. I dried out a little sample, and it was very good smoke, and I got a very nice "couch-lock" high:smoking:
  9. Very nice, especially for a first grow. More light would have really helped you out. But still, not bad.
  10. Did you do the whole grow under those flourescents? If so I can see why you got so little. That plants looked so bare. What was the total dry weight?
  11. I used a variety of lighting throughout the grow, then I bought a t-5 fixture and that did very well once I started using that. I let them streach too much i know at times. Thanks for the weak compliment though, considering its was my first attempt at my first grow. Personally I didnt even expect to get to flowering on my first grow, and I got two successful females. Like I said though at the start NEXT TIME I will do it better.

    Oh yeah and the soil is all straight up MIRACLE GROW!! hahaha
  12. looks good,, next time you will do better.
  13. So I got a question, I started curing some of the buds in a jar, and when I open the jar every day to let a some air in, I notice the smell of the buds are almost "Hay" like, or smell like a dang barn, Does this mean they need some good curing?? Or what?
  14. that should go away after a couple of weeks of curing. the smells come and go and change as it cures.
  15. Thanks for the response. Ok good, i have been opening my air tight jar once a day for a minute or two to let some fresh air in...and I kind of gentley flipped some of the buds over in there too.. Do I need to be doing anything else for curing???
  16. sounds like you're doing fine. :smoke:
  17. Nice!:hello: Thanks for the help buzb8lovr

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