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  1. I am growing in rockwool and have managed to overwater after trying to flush out the nutrient burn.. This was due to my rockwool unable to drain properly in its container... The roots of the plants were crawling out of the bottom when i had the medium on flat surface... Now i have raised them up a bit so the wool can drain properly. The roots are now exposed to open air and obviously drying up and dying.... Will this affect the whole root, or only to the point where there is moisture? What other affects can i expect?
  2. why are you giving seedlings nutes? when the plants roots start to grow out of the rockwool your supposed to transfer the plant into whatever medium your going to be growing in.
  3. I have them in their final medium... Its 6 inch rockwool that i was told would hold them......
  4. are you growing them in hydro?
  5. im just top feeding them with a feed to waste system... by top i mean the top of the rockwool
  6. i thought you couldnt grow in just rockwool cubes, thought you just used those to get seeds started then transplant then to hydro system or soil.
  7. i would think it would be possible to grow like that but rockwool breaks down so much....

    you only need a one inch rockwool cube... once the roots shoot threw the cube you put in soil or hydro....

    and no nutes till you see a third set of leaves or the roots are so long they shoot threw your net pot

    then you only do half nutes..... at most for a week or so
  8. what i got from his post was that the rockwool isnt goin into any soil or hydro system. i think hes only gonna use the rockwool cube sitting in some container.

    i dont think you can use rockwool that way. after the roots get so long the rockwool has to go into something else
  9. Do a search, you'll find the info that you're looking for. There are growers that grow in 4-6" cubes without another grow medium.

    Good luck! :smoke:

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