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  1. Hey fellow citizens of the city. I'm happy to report I'm 2 weeks 2 days into my first grow and all the plants are relatively healthy and growing!
    260 cfl vegging
    400 watt cfl flowering (Future)
    6 plants grown in coco coir
    cab is about 4 x 2 x 3 ft high.
    I've isolated the seedlings in a much smaller area for now and used mylar to maximize light penetration. The lights are about 3-5 inches from the plants.
    For ventilation I have a 10 inch exhaust fan that keeps the plants at a comfortable temperature. The fan is quite powerful and provides mild resistance even facing away from the plants.
    I haven't yet combined it with an intake or circulating fans.
    Further Info
    I'm doing a strictly CFL grow. Right now the plants are under about 260 true watts of CFL in the 2700k, 5500k and 6300k specturms. I have more bulbs in the 2700k spectrum I plan to add as the plants grow. 
    The plants seem to be loving the light. I have one light overhead and 3 along side the plants. This seems to be encouraging the tight nodes and bushlike growth I'm after.
    I'm keeping their feeing very simple as this is my first grow. I will be feeding them foxfarm trio and calmag+ in distilled water
    This grow has not been without problems so far. My first mistake was undefilling the solo cups. As you can see in the photo below the cups are only filled 2/3s - 3/4ths of the way full with coco. I feel this is already creating a problem as I would like to have vegged out the plants for another 2 weeks or so in the solo cups. As it is the plants seem to be trapped inside the cups.
    Another problem is that I began by overwatering the plants. At first I watered them every other day if not every day. After seeing symptoms of overwatering I switched it to every 2-3 days.
    The final problem was with over/under feeding. At first I didn't understand the nutrient cycle fully and gave the plants seedling strength nutrients during week 1 from seed. The plants did NOT like this and two of them nearly died from it.
    in a sense I also underfed the plants because I failed to provide calmag from seed. I have provided calmag in the most recent feedings but you can see what I I believe to be magnesium deficiency on the photo below. Some of the smaller plants also have the dark specled appearance of calcium deficiency.
    Here is a photo of the plants:
    Now my questions for the city experts:
    (1)Are my suspicions correct that these plants are showing calcium and magnesium deficiencies? you can see the cal deficency on the smaller plant to the left and magnesium deficiency on the right.
    I'm trying to balance the overwatering I did at the first week with giving them the calmag they need to prevent yellowing in new growth.
    (2)Does the plant on the right need to be transplanted? I would like to keep the plants in cups as long as possible because they are easier to light that way. I thought about just cutting off the top of the cup down to the coir level so the plants will get better light I would like to keep the plants in cups for another 2 weeks if practical. I also have some 1 gallon pots to transplant if necessary.
    Thanks for the help !!!!!!!

  2. defo transplant the plant on right, wouldnt hurt to transplant the rest if all are around same size.
    once transplant give 1/4-/1/2 strength nutes.
    260 watts wont be enough for for more than two plants.more light would be needed.
  3. I wouldnt mind seeing your light setup. CFL lover here atm
  4. Thanks alot Farmer!! I had a feeling they needed transplant. they have that "caged" look and a lot of the leaves are below the rim of the cup.
    I plan to add more light as the plants grow. I have another 175 watts I will add when I transplant instead of waiting until flowering.
    Would you guys say the yellowing on the plants is due to magnesium deficiency? I doubt temperature is the problem and I've only given them one feeding with mild nutes over a week ago.
    Team Imp, I'm going to have to change my setup a lot once they go into 1 gallon pots. I'm going to reproduce my current setup in another cabinet to presex cuttings from the plants. I will then use the cab to grow out one of these as a mama. Once I finish setup I'll be sure to post pictures!
  5. Id guess nitrogen to be honest. But thats just my guess its still pretty early and they are in tiny cramped cups. Might as well just transplant them all and get it done with. 1 gallon pots arnt huge luckily I used them my first grow under CFLs and found 3 of them pretty easy to light.
    Now I went out and got 5 gallons and FML it changed everything the planters are just huge.
  6. Growing in solo cups works for about two weeks blade. After that I recommend switching straight to 2 gallon pots per plant.

    Your plants look relatively healthy by the color. For two weeks they are slightly short. This may be due to low wattage. Might k suggest bumping wattage up to 280 or 300 for veg and 400 for flower? This will dramatically help your plants.

    Root bound happens when your roots have extended beyond their potential within their limits. You plants are for sure that. Look up transplanting on here and transplant them into bigger pots.

    2 weeks in I would be too concerned about feeding. Maybe even your doing it too much. I grow every time with no extra nutrients at all just fine.


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