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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SmokeDog, Sep 4, 2002.

  1. I plan on growing in my attic where there is a slanted roof about 4 or 4.5 feet tall at the highest point. I'm going to inclose an area 5-6 feet long and 3 wide.

    First of all, how deep do the pots need to be? I want to have as much height for growing as possible.

    2. Whats the lowest temperature in which the plants can survive/thrive? I ask because the outside temperature here usually stays above freezing but occasionally drops below. Will the heat from the lights keep them warm enough or will I need a small space heater?

    3. I plan on using 1 400w HPS and 1 400w MH simultaneously. Is this adequate?

    4. If heat is not an issue, and I provide CO2 for the plants, is there still a need to ventilate?

    5. Should I use a dehumidifier throughout the grow, or just during the last few weeks?

    6. How often should I fertilize during vegetative? flowering?

    7. I plan on ordering blueberry and white widow seeds. Are these good choices? How difficult are these to grow? I've had some gardening experience before.

    8. Approximately how dry should the soil be before watering?

    9. Given the space I have available, how big should I let the plants get before initiating flowering? Should the plants fill about half the grow space, or should I start flowering before that?

    10. I want to get some seeds for future froms. How long should I let the male(s) flower before removing them to get an adequate # of seeds but not end up with all seeds? Would it be best to cull all but the healthiest/biggest male?

    11. When harvesting, should I pull up the roots, or cut off the plant at ground level?

    12. How often before harvesting should I stop fertilizing?

    13. I know its impossible to know, but about what kind of yields should I expect per plant?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. o.k. i'll try to answer you're questions as best i can......

    1) usually a 5 gallon container but when starting use a pot approx 4"

    2)approx 85 degrees farenheit

    3)i imagine it would be...some people use dual spectrum...however mh for vegging and hps for flowering is the norm

    4)there is a need to get fresh air to the plants....if the attic is big enough and you have a window and open it daily i don't see a problem there

    5)throught the grow....mostly when it's flowering.....50% vegging 35%-45% floering would suffice

    6)every 2 weeks vegging and the same flowering....however this is personal preference....remember to start with a weak solution and increase slowly

    7)as for the strains...i know they're good....but as to how hard they are to grow i don't know

    8)usually you put you're finger an inch or two under the surface and if it's dry then it's time to water....if it feels damp...leave it a little bit longer.....or invest in a water gauge

    9)i would reccoment triggering flowering at approx 12 to 18"....considering the grow space....different strains different heights....sativa will grow bigger that give you an example i triggered at 2' 9" and now it's over 7'6" and still has nearly 2 weeks to go!!

    10)pull the males as soon as you determine it's sex....the pollen from the male can also be transfered to the female or multiple females........u can keep it in a seperate room if you want and use it for you're next grow but it will also need light as well.

    11)cut at the base of the stem.....right at the soil....some people like to hanng it upside down...roots and all....but it would be messy.

    12)2 weeks approx

    13)it really does depend.....i'm hoping for approx 6oz off my plant....i maybe get more but can't tell yet.

  3. I don't want to keep it permanantly, but I want to get some seeds. Should I let it flower for a week or two then remove it?

    Also, about how long does the flowering period last?
  4. the flowering time depends on what strain you use......usually 8 to 10 weeks, but if you let the male pollinate you risk it pollinating all the females you're growing.....when this happens they concentrate more on producing seeds than buds...hence smaller buds and less thc....if you're gonna do it you'd need a seperate area to put the male and the female you want to pollinate....and then grow the female from there to get the seeds you want......Peace out.....Sid
  5. my appologies....i meant approx 75 degrees however 68 to 75 will be best.....Peace out....Sid
  6. So if the males release any pollen at all then the females will produce seeds for the rest of the flowering period?

  7. yeah pretty much, it will grow bud but seedy bud, you don't want all your bud to have seeds. I think you should just take all the males out and buy new seeds later, or use one of your female plants as a mother and clone it.
  8. Ok, what if I killed all but one of the males, took the remaining one to a separate room until it started to release pollen, then brought a female into that room for a while then put the female back in and kill off the male? Would just that one plant be pollinated?
  9. Ok, never mind, I think I got it figured out.

    If I take the males out then collect some pollen I should be able to pick and choose the buds I want to pollinate and produce seeds right?
  10. yeah if you do it right, i never tried it but my dad told me he has before.

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