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    Hi guys new at this forum and kinda new at growing so i will start journal here so if i get any problems so u guys can help me. Here is some picture of plants 8 (larger ones) are 9 days old and 10 of them are 5 days old so here are the pics.Growing under 250W HPS its random seeds not feminised so there will be a lot of males removed hope less as possible turn males
    IMG_20140211_074707.jpg IMG_20140211_074713.jpg
    IMG_20140211_074724.jpg IMG_20140211_074831.jpg
    . IMG_20140211_074612.jpg
    IMG_20140211_074650.jpg IMG_20140211_074655.jpg
    IMG_20140211_074631.jpg IMG_20140211_074643.jpg

  2. [SUB]Bagseed is a good way to start and gain experience. I got a nice baggy of seeds I wanna start when I get back home. I plan to grow out a few auto's to tide me over until I get those grown.  [/SUB]
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    i expected some comment about how plants look so far
  4. They are looking ok. You should however be using MH or T5. The spectrum put out should be 6500k. It's more blue and less orange/yellow. Plants grow better under this spectrum. It simulates spring sunlight. You are using what simulates fall sun light.
  5. ty for this information but right now im stuck with this light os will grow under this one second grow will consider buying MH 
  6. Here is second pic update.I can see good progres in one day i think.
    IMG_20140212_143843.jpg IMG_20140212_143853.jpg IMG_20140212_143901.jpg IMG_20140212_143909.jpg IMG_20140212_143914.jpg IMG_20140212_143923.jpg IMG_20140212_143930.jpg IMG_20140212_144024.jpg IMG_20140212_144048.jpg IMG_20140212_144039.jpg
    SOme pic are bad sry for that got shitty camera.I will do next pic update when first one will be 30 days old so 20 days from now :)
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  7. nice plants looking good. i will follow your journal hope they will be very potent girls :D
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  8. I know i said i will post next pic update on day 30 but i just toped the older ones yesterday so here is their progress so far.Also one was ruined by pH or something so there is 17 of them now.
    IMG_20140221_233307.jpg IMG_20140221_233314.jpg IMG_20140221_233326.jpg IMG_20140221_233335.jpg IMG_20140221_233347.jpg IMG_20140221_233357.jpg IMG_20140221_233415.jpg IMG_20140221_233422.jpg IMG_20140221_233439.jpg IMG_20140221_233447.jpg
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    As I said, that I will post pictures at day 30 from germination, so here it is.From eight of  30 days old plants five of them are females.From  ten of 26 days old plants, two are females and five of them didnt show gender yet.I can say these are good seeds that my friend gave me to test.He said that some of them are  maybe crossed with kush. IMG_20140303_035740.jpg IMG_20140303_035751.jpg IMG_20140303_035839.jpg IMG_20140303_040231.jpg IMG_20140303_040240.jpg IMG_20140303_040247.jpg IMG_20140303_040304.jpg IMG_20140303_040358.jpg IMG_20140303_040414.jpg IMG_20140303_035716.jpg
  10. Here is rest of the pictures.Later today i will change pots on 30 days old plants to bigger like 25 liters.Now they are in 8 liters and only one of them in 25 liters.Temperature is 27 degrees Celsium.Humidity dont record. pH 6.5.I will keep them for like one or one and a half week at 18/6 and then put them to 12/12.

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  11. Rest of pic.One of them look unhealthy.I cant figure it out what it is i thougzt its pH but i use same water on all of them.I gave them today Untitled.jpg Untitled66.jpg
    IMG_20140303_040611.jpg IMG_20140303_040632.jpg IMG_20140303_040910.jpg IMG_20140303_040922.jpg IMG_20140303_041255.jpg IMG_20140303_041335.jpg IMG_20140303_040622.jpg
  12. So here is day 37.I change light to 12/12 and on some of them i took branches and lower them down with rope, my friend told me that i can get more buds with that.
    IMG_20140310_064226.jpg IMG_20140310_064313.jpg IMG_20140310_064335.jpg IMG_20140310_064346.jpg IMG_20140310_064353.jpg IMG_20140310_064400.jpg IMG_20140310_064408.jpg IMG_20140310_064414.jpg IMG_20140310_065009.jpg IMG_20140310_074305.jpg
  13. I add Today Bio heaven, H2O2, set pH  to 6.8, and also gave them Bio Topmax and bio grow but little.
  14. So here is end of first week flowering time.I add them 1ml Bio TopMax per 6L today and set pH to 6.8.
    IMG_20140316_233714.jpg IMG_20140316_233825.jpg IMG_20140316_233834.jpg IMG_20140316_234813.jpg IMG_20140316_234943.jpg IMG_20140316_235123.jpg IMG_20140316_235142.jpg IMG_20140316_235238.jpg IMG_20140316_235255.jpg IMG_20140316_235320.jpg
  15. <span><span>Rest of pic.
    IMG_20140316_235814.jpg IMG_20140316_235819.jpg IMG_20140316_235855.jpg IMG_20140316_235440.jpg IMG_20140316_235525.jpg IMG_20140316_235604.jpg IMG_20140316_235630.jpg IMG_20140316_235642.jpg IMG_20140316_235705.jpg IMG_20140316_235730.jpg </span></span>
  16. They are 2 weeks and 2 days at 12/12 now.I added today Bio TopMax 5ml per 6 L, Bio Heaven 4 ml per 6 L, Bio Bloom 1ml per L, and one drop of super vit per 6 liters.
    IMG_20140323_052400.jpg IMG_20140326_011608.jpg
    IMG_20140325_232135.jpg IMG_20140325_232205.jpg IMG_20140325_232224.jpg IMG_20140325_232235.jpg IMG_20140325_232248.jpg IMG_20140325_232309.jpg IMG_20140326_011537.jpg
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    Here is next update. This is 4 weeks and 2 days on 12/12 light period, so i can count its 3 weeks and 2 days into flowering period.

    They are progresing very wierd and kinda slow.I removed 3 plants cuz they turn into hermafrodites.I have 5 plants now.3 of them are females but they show some seeds but very few about 1-2 per plant.And 2 of them are also hermafrodites but they dont have much eggs so i just removed the eggs and let oplants keep growing.

    I feed them with Bio bizz organic nutrients.Last time i feed them when they was 3 weeks on 12/12 light period.

    Added: Bio Grow 2ml/L
                Bio heaven 2ml/l
                Bio Topmax 2ml/l
                Bio bloom 2ml/L
                Hesi super vit- one drop/6L

    My friend who is experienced grower told me that he never seen plants like that i have.Their progress is slow even if they have perfect condition and looked very healthy.He said that only thing that he can work with is that thees plants are better for outdoor then indoor.

    Plants are mostly sativa.U can see on one plants leafs lookin like some Haze or something, with very thin leafs.


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