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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by chargersdt66, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. i ordered 18 autoflowers and recieved 6 free feminised seeds. originally this was for an outdoor grow. i germed all biut three when i went to plant.i made the mistake of all the autos and regular seeds was germed together and groupos got mixed up. my first problem is idk whether i have autoflowers or regular. i have three inside lost the outdoors to massive flooding. how do i figure out if auto or non. they are 5 weeks old and all doing great. since i thought they might be autos i switched to 12 12 bc i heard it will kick start their flower (seeds came from herbie) i induced them 6 days ago and have seen little change. i dont see white hairs i just see little leave looking on eacg side of node its one single leave. i have pics that i will post later but how far aftyer inducing should i start seeing white hairs. fitrst grow so sorry if sound moob. im kinda blazed to haha but also how do i know whether i shgould flip the lights to 20 4 to see if autos or what. the growth slowed wayyyyyyyy down after switching to 12 12. thanks for the help and sorry for rambling pretty blazed lol. thanks again!
  2. You'll know soon. If you don't need to, I wouldn't flip to 12/12. I'd just wait for the auto to show themselves.
    They'll start flowering on 18/6. That's one way to know for sure. Fems won't flower until you switch them to 12/12 unless their autos(whatever x ruderalis strain)
  3. If you wanna see what ones are auto flower just put the lights back to 20/4 or 18/6 or whatever you had them at during veg. If they flower they are autos if they just keep getting bigger and dont flower they are photos. It usually takes 2weeks or so for photo plants to start flowering at 12/12. I know playing around with the light schedule can stress plants and cause hermis so I wouldn't do it often.

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