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    Hey all,

    This is my first grow. I only did one Pakistan Valley since the seeds are pricey and I didn't want to eff it up. Now I've cut 2 new clones and I am sending mom to flower. I just have a couple questions:

    1) Can I gradually reduce the lighting? It seems more natural. Plus, the top of the plant is still making many many new nodes so I think a gradual transition (-15 minutes per day until 12/12) would be best.

    2) Now, if I do step one, should I also gradually move from N-p-k to n-P-K?? I understand nute transitioning isn't usually this rigid and that I should be basing it on plant needs, but I could just use a basic timeline.

    Attached are some pics. You can see how bushy it is - I started removing the largest fan leaves because the bottom half of the plant wasn't getting much light or air. What do ya think?

    PS - the plant is in MG organic, 3 to 1 perlite, a bunch of live worms, with 160 watts of 6400k CFL.
  2. Pics!!!

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  3. Any help? I really just need to know if I gradually reduce the light by 15 minutes per day if I will continue to get vegetative growth and if so, should I be feeding high N (veg nutes) or high K (flower nutes)
  4. Just flip it. The tipping point from the vegetative to reproductive stage via auxin accumulation isn't hit for at least 5+ days, so doing it incrementally is kind of wasting your time. The stressful part doesn't happen until you hit that mark, so the idea is to get it to that tipping point as fast as possible. A lot of people will let their plants sit in 2-3 days of darkness in the beginning to try to hasten this process.

    Try to elongate your dark period when you adjust to your new schedule.

    As far as nutes and such goes, as long as the difference in the ratios isn't too extreme, she shouldn't have any problem transitioning to your new feed schedule. They don't need much during the transition, so less is more. Take it slow, so she can show you if she doesn't like the change in your macs.
  5. No need to adjust the light slowly,but if you want to its fine.

    Do one more veg feeding the first week of flower then switch.

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