First Grow Going Slow... Check it out guys

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Am I going to get any bud off this thing?

  1. Nah bra yo fucked

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  2. Play your cards right and you'll get an O out eventually.

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  1. So it's been about four weeks and this is where we're at bros.

    Stawberry Kush
    The soil is Fox Farms Ocean Forest Potting Soil mixed with Coco.
    soil PH is 6.5
    I water as needed every 3-4 days or so after oxygenating the water with a bubbler for at least 4hrs
    4 100w equivalent cfl and one 10w blue LED flood

    your thoughts? Ganja1.jpeg Ganja2.jpeg
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  2. Is there a third choice in this vote? You MIGHT get an O if you add more light along the way...This plant will take-off and grow soon,and will want more light.
  3. Sweet, I'll take that into consideration. I'm planning to add a bunch of Daylight LED bulbs and mylar. If I can get decent results from this plant without a huge amount of drama or hassle, I'll invest more in the next grow.
  4. That's how we do it ! I've sold enough cfl grown bud to pay for lighting upgrades,better air conditioner,new DE-humidifier ,and other misc.stuff...A little at a time !
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  5. Your problem is not enough light. Growth rate is directly proportional to quality and strength of light during the plant's life. If you want more action, you'll have to invest in grow lighting. We're attempting to mimic the sun artificially inside, so you need overkill to get good rapid growth. Read up on lighting and the wattage a plant really needs to grow vigorously. All a part of the learning curve. We all started at nothing at some point. Best of luck!! TWW
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  6. I love the reflector setup, definitely unorthodox but with some LST you can get a decent yield out of this. I would DEFINITELY do some LST and tie that bitch down. It won't take long before you run out of vertical space, you need a low, flat canopy

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  7. A 150w hid will make this grow explode. I say add a 300w LED as well.
  8. It looks a lot better now.
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    I'm going to stick with the 150W HPS and a few CFLs for now. I know it's not the greatest, but I hope you all agree that it should do the trick. If I can get an O out of this, I'll be a happy boy.
  10. Your doin great on your first one! I ain't just sayin that either, my first one turned out to be a male cuz all it went thru, but coulda just been male genetics lol... My second and current grow is almost finished. I Started w/ 2 females, now ending w/ one... the one that didn't make it met her fate by root bound... It was a sad week lol but with just a 45w LED and a lil help from the sun toward the end, my other girl is living a full, healthy life. My soil & nutrients are from FoxFarm and here's how she's turning out... she's a random bag strain too lol... I also learned so much about LED's and lighting in general during this grow. This plant had her share of unfortunate events too lol...
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  11. After doin a bunch of research I'm sure she's got one of the Gorilla Glue strains in her genetics. Also Girl Scout Cookies and Sweet Tooth being in the mix is a strong possibility lol cuz how she started flowering and the main smells...
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    Looking good, wish me luck, hopefully I can mirror the success that all of you have had with your plants.

    But hey riddle me this guys, I started off with soil that is way too hot. It's a cocoa and ocean forest blend with a super heavy dose of "Down to Earth, All Purpose, 4-6-2" I didn't measure, just threw 5 or 6 handfuls of the stuff in there. I'm concerned about too much N. I noticed that a few of the leaves have THE CLAW, which indicates nitrogen toxicity. Strawberry Kush is a branchy strain, but my plant is definitely stretching a little more then I would like. I've been on a 12-12 light schedule for a few days now and would like to not being seeing signs of Nitrogen toxicity.

    Root binding is also a concern. I have it in a 5G "smart pot" and the plant is about 16" tall atm. Do I need to give the roots more room?

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  13. okay boys and girls. I took my baby over to the bath tub and flushed her out with a few gallons of water. Then I put her back a rearranged the lighting. I wish I had the budget for some real sunshine type stuff, but this is where we're at.Preview attachment IMG_3344.JPG
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  14. Flushed it out and rearranged the lights

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  15. Hell yeah bro I was bout to tell you too, it was putting a lot of fertilizer in at one time. You caught it tho which is AWESOME for a first timer lol. I really didn't feed mine at all in vegetation cuz if you got great soil you don't need to. I fed her just a few sprays of some Flowers Kiss thru out veg. I waited like the 3rd week in flowering to feed her a real bloom booster, but the TRANSITION TO FLOWERING... I definitely recommend the Flowers Kiss foliar food cuz it works great on the transition to flowering. I wish you luck and you already got better lighting than me lol
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  16. So fucking excited

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  17. Hell yeah, I can't wait to start my next grow. This one is taking a lil longer than I thought cuz she turned out to be Sativa dominate.

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