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  1. Hey Guys,

    Heres my set-up:
    Tent: Grow Lab GL40 (1'4" x 1' 4" x 3' 11")
    Lights: 6x23w CFL's. (4x6500k, 2x2700k) as well as this (Quad Band 225 LED Grow Light Panel Hydroponic Plant Lamp Blue Red Orange White | eBay) LED panel that i stupidly bought before finding out that 14w is too small to grow anything. I basically have it on the side of the grow tent right now.
    Fan: 4" inline fan from eBay as exhaust. Going to buy a small desk fan soon.
    Pot: Using a 5gal bucket from Lowe's
    Soil: Using a blend of Fox Farm Ocean-Forest and Happy-Frog
    Nutes: Fox Farm Trio

    Im not sure what the seed that I have planted is. I received them from a friend with "MK-F" written on the zip-lock. F is for feminized, but I don't remember the strain.

    I basically just planted the seed about 1inch in the dirt and have been keeping the soil moist with a spray bottle.

    I'd love to hear all thoughts/comments/criticism. Everything helps me to get better.

    Without further adieu, here are some photos.

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  2. subbed for this grow. i have the same tent n i like it alot, its bigger than it seems. i have about a month left maybe on my first grow. good luck man.
  3. So, I have had to take a different approach to this grow. I was using the paper towel method to germinate and had none of my seeds germinate; bad luck I guess.

    I road tripped out to Cali from Colo and came back with 4 clones. I moved them to these jiffy pots and have them in there now. 2 of them look good, 2 not so good. I didn't plan on keeping them all, but I would like to save them if anyone has any ideas?

    The temp is also kinda high, around 30c. I have two fans in there, but I'm going to get a 4" exhaust tube to attach to my exhaust fan to draw the heat directly away from the lights. When I get this temperature issue sorted, I want to add 2 more cfls. They just add too much heat right now.

    I'd appreciate all comments and criticism.

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  4. Before I went to bed last night I gave them a quick squirt and put in 2 more cfls. The temp was low so I thought that it wouldn't be a problem. When I woke up, it was 40c inside!! I quickly took out the 2 cfls that I put in and watered them. They have perked up a bit since then, but still look somewhat droopy.

    I also decided to throw away one of the clones because it was looking a lot worse than yesterday.

    I hopped on eBay and bought a 250w hps/ MH set up. It should get here sometime next week.

    Anyone have any thoughts as to when I should start adding nutes? I have the fox farm trio.

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  5. I was just heading to bed and saw this one one of my plants. I believe it's because it is too close to the light, right?? It's the only one that has it and it is also the tallest plant.

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  6. 2-3 inches is the general rule for cfls. If your plants are growing quickly, then 4-5 inches unless your in your grow room often. My grow room has been on average about 34c the last week and they are doing fine, apart from being a little short. I keep seeing people say it will kill your plants but i doubt it. Set a fan to blow on the cfls, and one to blow air out, abd it should be OK.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply.

    I have them at 2 inches now. I think before they were a little close, maybe an inch away.

    I was a little worried about the temp in my tent. I have a 4" exhaust fan that is always on. It doesn't really seem very powerful though. I also have a pc fan constantly blowing on my cfls. The temp in there with the door open is 28c and closed is now 29c. I really want to put in the other 2 cfls, but I'm going to wait on the 250w hps/mh arriving.
  8. Take out two light bulbs. Clones dont need that much light wait on the led the as they send a bright beam and from the pic it looks like the led bleach your plants
  9. Even though my led is only 14w??
  10. Yea even if that, if you want to use the led use for an hour here and there. But I would wait till they have a good healthy root system
  11. Ok. I'll just leave it off and wait a while.

    Temp is down to 27.6

    Here they are today:

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  12. They are looking way better then the last 3 pics
  13. Nothing really interesting to report today. The worst looking one isn't looking any better though, I thought it would be.

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  14. A bunch of packages came today:

    3gal grow bags came in. So, I'm going to be repotting them soon. I doubt all 3 will fit, so ill take the 2 best.
    My 250w hps that I ordered came in also. However, here lies an issue. It's too big for my tent. It doesn't fit, even on an angle. What should I do? A) return it for a 150w hps that isn't switchable b) return it for cash less $15 restocking fee. C) open it up and try to reduce the size.

    Here are some photos:

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  15. Since the whole tent is reflective just put the bulb vertically without the hood

  16. Thanks for replying so quickly!

    I'm going to open it up and try that in an hour or so.
  17. Your tent is too small anyway dude, they are gonn get big whenthey flower, space will be tight. Maybe scrog them? Or just lst. I wouldnt go any lower than 250 for 3 plants unless you have extra lighting.

  18. My plan was to only have 2. Even then, that may be pushing it.

    You're right though, I definitely need to start SCROG. Thats my next step.
    Is there any time that is best to start SCROG? Or can I basically start whenever I see fit?
  19. Start now bro so the bottom can get some light before flower time

  20. Good call.

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