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  1. I currently have three bagseed plants growing under a single HPS 150w light that is on 24/0 lighting for the youngest plant(trying to catch her up!) and 16/8 lighting on the others. Reflective lighting on 3 out of 4 sides. I always water when the top soil is dry. I use bottled water that has been sitting out in room temp. An oscillating fan that is on 24 hours a day. Soil is miracle grow until transplant into a mix of 50/50 ffof and ffhf with 20% perlite. I will be planting my girls stems all the way up to the first set of leaves to get rid of stretching.

    This is my first grow from seed and I have a few questions to ask. First question is why is my oldest plant drooping with yellow spots on the 2nd and 3rd set of leaves? Second question is how can I catch up the youngest plant to the others? Also, when should i transplant my girls to final pot? Pics are attached and i have a pic of what they will be going into. Each plant is about 2 weeks apart I'm pretty sure. Third question is if 150w hps light is sufficient for 3 plants? Any and all feedback will be appreciated! 🙏👍✌
  2. hi
    1st get the light cycles changed on all your babies to 18/6 (18 on 6 off)
    stretching occurs when lights are too high so transplanting into new pots & planting all the way up wont stop stretching , you can stop stretching by keeping your light at right height.
    now there's no book on how high lights should be ,too many variants , but a 150 hps which has more of the red spectrum in its rays where a metal halide (MH) light has more blue spec which is better for vegging stage ,hps is better for flowering but can be used all the way through but your stretching problem will probably become more of an issue when using a HPS but easily kept under control by you being on top of things 
    Also thats great using an oscillating fan but try make it that its blowing gently onto your plants , not directly but deflecting off your walls/box/tent at such an early age , wind burn occurs & is a bastard to rid , so make sure it is oscillating & NOT blowing directly onto them all the time.
    Put water into bottles & leave open for at least 12-24hrs max as this helps reduce the chlorine in the water, great your keeping water at room temp.
    Now your drooping ,yellowing leaves problem , this is a tricky 1 , i need more info before i even attempt to give you advice which could be bad advice ,so post a pic of your plants as your saying their babies but also saying on their 2nd 3rd set of leaves & when to transplant into new pots , not sure if their 2 weeks apart, this could be the problem , your plants are now getting rootbound? maybe needing good nutes? folk will fire in & say its maybe this maybe that & before you know it you,ve got too much info , all contradicting each others opinions , not any help to you but if you post pics of your plants , then we can see the problem & makes life easier for helping you through your 1st grow.
    Finally 150 is fine for 3 bagseeds but i guarantee you that once you get into it you,ll realize the importance of proper lighting.
    post a pic my friend & i,ll help ,plus the good folk on here , can help tutor you through this grow & before too long i,ll be asking your advice on grows ;)
    happy growing

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