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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by steveowashere, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Hi all im new as you can see this is like my first post. i started germing my 3 bagseeds yesterday morning. once the shells cracked i put them into root riot cubes. After they sprouted i put them under my 125W envirolight, and seems to be okay with it. comments much appreciated on this.

    Sorry about the bad quality picture im having to use my phone camera at the moment.

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  2. Sup SteveO...welcome to GC bro!

    Looks like a good start there SteveO.

    So what are your plans with this? CFL's for the whole grow, or HPS to flower? What is your grow area like, room, cab, green house, great outdoors? Have you done your sticky reading yet?? More then once, lol?? I was using 2 125 watt 2700K CFL's...til I smashed one, oops...anyway, I have a journal too, all CFL's for me in a small cab. What kelvin range is that enviro light??

    Anyway, give us some details bro...and Good luck!

  3. Yes, all the gory details, what soil, how long you plan to veg, what nutes(won't need them til the 3rd or 4th week), what's your water supply and how are you going test your pH, what pots they will be going into and is this an intermidiate pot or the final size?
  4. Hey all, nice to see such a fast reply.
    First of all my growspace is a whole cupboard at the momenttill i find something better. I will be using my 125 red enviro for the whole grow, will that be enough?
    I want the plants to be quite short so i dont plan to veg for that long. I just ordered some nutes today called Ionic Soil Grow. should they be enough?
    They will be potted into 6.5 litre square pots. and they will be the final size pots, i dont want to stress the plant changing pots. I havent got anything to test the pH level with, spose i better get one of those. the temperature in the room is 26.6C at the moment

    At the moment i am just spraying the roots at the bottom of the cube everynow and then, should i be doing this?

    Edit: Oh yea and the soil im using is called "levingtons multi purpose compost with addes john innes" and i have mixed perlite with it also
  5. So this is just a temporary setup, until you have something bigger, thats cool.

    A few things. Your light is fine for a whole grow for maybe 1 small plant. General rule is you want at minimum 100watts per plant - sticky info.

    You want short plants...your going to need to try your hand at LST then - Sticky info.
    I needed short plants as I have only 2 feet of verticle to use. I vegged for 12 days only, and my plant is now about a foot tall with no LST. Genetics will descide if you have a short bush, or a tall tree...of course you can influence it though.

    Shoot, let me get the CtoF converter...26C Ok, thats good, lol.

    About spraying the bottom of the cubes...why not just go ahead and get them planted? I started my babies in peet cups, but they went into their first pot the next day.

    So, I suggest;
    1.Plant your cubes now PH meter
    3.decide if you are growing 1 or more plants. more then 1, you need more light, and probably temp control. Do you measure temps at the plant tops??
    4. Get a fan blowing on your babies, makes the stems strong.
    5. Re-read the stickies - I can't tell you how many times I have gone back to read them and find something I skipped over.

  6. you're off to a good start.
    everyone on here has alot of knowledge so if you need any help feel free to ask.

  7. Thanks for the reply mate, yea im going to go out and buy a small fan to keep in there constantly. i have a digital temperature reader and i just leave it next to my babies. pH meter? do they sell those in normal garden centres or do i have to go online to get it. Also what kinda price are they?
    I think i might plant them into their final pots either today or tomorrow. The roots seem to be getting bigger now. had to turn the light off for a little while today as im decorating my room so everything needed to be moved into the spare room. that wont affect it in any way will it?
  8. Heres my little-uns on day 2, nothing much to report really, just thought id keep it updated.
    Also should be getting some lowryder 2 seeds soonish my friend has pollinated on of his females and is given me a bunch of seeds. :D

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  9. thats kickass!
    ph is real important to keeping your plants healthy. you can pick up ph test kits from a pet store. aquarium testing kits are very common. it should cost you about 5 bux, where a digital one will be $50 or more.
  10. hi all, noting much to report but like i said before ill keep this updated :D

    my babies seem to have stretched a load stems must be an inch and a half or maybe more now. also i have had the fan blowing on them most of the time, the temp in my room has gone up to 38C now which i find a bit worrying, i need to buy a smallther fan so i can leave it in my grow space, because at the moment all i am doing is opening the doors and leaving the fan outside it. I can see the second leave set starting to come through now, I was thinking when its time i might try my way at LST see if i can pull it off. Good or bad idea for an amature like me?
    Stil havent got round to getting a ph meter because i am well and truely skint to the bone.

    Ill post pictures when it looks more impressive lol.
  11. Repotted my 3 babies into x2 5inch pots and x1 6inch pot. the fan is constantly on now, seems to keep the humidity down alot aswell. here are some pictures of the 3, but still not much growth, they are on 18/6 at the moment.

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  12. looking good I started a grow journal as well and look to grass city to help me with my grow. As mentioned in a previous post there are alot of people on here with alot of knowledge that will help out. Good luck!
  13. Hi all, no pictures today unfortunatly but i should have some tomorrow.
    my 3 babies are all round about the same height now. plant #1 is now 7 inches tall, and has been planted into a 6inch pot. plant #2 is about 6 inches tall, and has been plantet into a 4inch pot. plant #3 which i have attempted at LST is now 5 inches tall.

    The temperature in my closet iss 23.2C or 73F and the humidity is 59-63%. I have also propped up the stems with stick because the started to blow over too much. My fan has been blowing 24/7 now, i also added a small 11w cfl in there aswell for the fun of it lol.

    plant #2 has something that looks like a slight burn on the tip of the leaf, maybe it was too close to the light?
    plant #3 has very tiny brown spots on a couple of leafs.

    thats all for today folks, pictures tomorrow
  14. Here are my pictures today on day 17 since seed. I still dont know what straiin they are. Not much change really just started to attempt LST on all three of the plants, seems to be going okay, the light is getting to the stem more so i can see lilttle leaves starting to grow. i hope i get LST right!
    Picture #1
    The plant that i have topped, im not sure if i have done it sucessfully but only time will tell i spose. [Plant #3]
    Picture #2
    Started on with the LST here it seems to be bushyer than the others, i noticed a tiny white hair growing, i thought it was way too early for sexing yet, it might just be something else, can anyone tell me whether its a female preflower or just something random? [Plant #1]
    Picture #3
    Just the white hair
    Picture #4
    Plant #2 very similar to plant #2 in charateristics.

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  15. your plant is spindly, needs more light or to bring lights closer. i dont think you are showing sex this early (pic 3) looks like new growth at internode.
  16. SteveO, sup man?

    Well your LSt looks Ok to me, but I have to agree with badlands, your baby looks like it wants more light, as it is stretching quite a bit.

    Also, in the pic you have a "hair" circled...hate to tell you but thats not a pistil hair, that is called a stipual I believe. You will know pistil hairs as they are white and show up in pairs.

    Get some more light, and get a fan on those babies, it will thicken the stem.

  17. looking good so far there green and healthy looking, the lst is alright but are you gonna top the plants? it goes really well with lst mines very short and bushy with topping and lst, but other wise its looking healthy!

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