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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by A11, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. I decided to try to play a seed just to see what happens. I germ'd it and in 72 hours a nice sprout had emerged. I planted the seed about 5mm below the surface, sprout up, and in loose, loamy soil near a small ditch that carries rainwater from a nearby slope.

    Unfortunately, the spot isn't ideal by any means. It will only receive 3 hours of DIRECT sunlight per day and for the rest of the daylight hours the grow area remains lit with ambient light. I realize this isn't enough light to grow anything well, but I chose the spot due to its hidden and secure nature.

    My main question is:

    Assuming it is well watered and fertilized, what is the maximum amount of bud you guys would guess it can produce. Unfortunately, I do not know the strain, but like I said the grow is just for curiosity. Your estimates are appreciated.

    I have also done a lot of reading, but any tips for lowlight situations are appreciated. I already plan to do LST with it.
  2. Considering all the factors that go into total yields and what not, I don't think anyone can even make an educated guess based on the information you've provided. Nobody answers posts like this with this broad of a question. Nobody can predict how much yield you will get. My guess? 0-5oz. More likely the 0 end.
  3. Ok, that was exactly what I was looking for! When plants are starved of sunlight like this one will be, will it tend grow severals small buds or one medium sized one? (or is there no telling?) And is there a technique to get a plant to only grow one bud?
  4. When the plants are starved from sunlight, they will not grow any buds usually. I suggest you try and find a place with more sunlight exposure.
  5. Looks like a new spot is in order then. hmm...
  6. indeed..... B)
  7. Another spot I could possibly do would receive about 6-7 hours of sunlight. The plant would be well concealed because it would be amongst 1.5foot grasses, but I would be easily visible going to the spot (I would have to operate at night).

    What about leaving my plant where it is until I can identify its gender? Or will it be too negatively impacted until that point? I just don't want to impose any risk for a plant that could turn male.

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