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    hey guys i have a journal already but i feel like im talking to myself in it so im going to post some here. it is a oaksterdam clone sativa i dont know what kind of weed it is thow my friend didnt ask the club. so far im 2 weeks into flowering. started flowering at 13 inches (11/15) now it is 24 inches tall =)
    soil- Kellogg cactus and palms mix. added bone/blood meal
    container- 5 gallon bucket with holes on bottom
    watering- (red party cups) 2 on Tues/Thurs. 3 on Sunday
    fert- i only give it fert on Sundays watering but my tea mix is molasses/fish fert 5-1-1/ earth juice bloom 0-3-1.
    lights- 4 14w t5 (2 6500k 2 3000k) 1 40w cfl 2700k...2 68w cfl 2700k
    shes looking good yes i know about the lights i should get an hps light but im only trying out this one time grow and wanted to go cheap. im only about 120$ into this. please tell me what you guys think of her. also any guesses on how much bud i should maybe expect? but enjoy




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  2. Shes lookin pretty decent at two weeks...

    Nice job. First grow?
  3. yes first grow. im very excited didnt think it would turn out this good.. so far
  4. Haha, just looked at the title and it said first grow, my bad.

    you could start adding more nutes with P and K now that youre flowering.
    Also you should look into topping/supercropping or scrog for your next grow...

    And whats the temps/humidity/ph levels? You should be writing everything down so you can kbow how to improve next time...

    Not meaning to sound critical or anything, it just helped me out a lot when i started...

    Grest job dude.
  5. looking real nice man, shes streching for light a bit, make sure you have them real close, you could still top a couple.
  6. it's some pretty good results for a cheap grow. liek you said - upgrade asap and you will love the results!
  7. should i be fertilizing it more then just Sundays?

    if i were to top some which ones should i and how would it effect the out come?

    i have a cheap thermometer in there. says about 90-100 when lights are on. about 60-70 when lights are off.

    humidity idk. whatever the room humidity is. i live in so cal so not very high.

    ph is 7.0. i think my ph meter may be broke. it always says 7 or maybe it is actually 7.0 but shes looking good so im going to say the meter is right.

    yea maybe next time il do some type of grow tech on it but i didn't know about them. im just going to let her keep growing how shes growing. going to stop moving the light up so the leaves get bigger and she stops growing taller. was moving the light up about twice a week now il only do it maybe once a week.
  9. Looking good so far! Sativas like to stretch, so it's possible that she'll grow another foot on you. Depending on the strain, and the amount of room you have for roots in the pot.

    Your daytime temps are too high. Ideal temperature is about 77 degrees with the lights on (unless you're super advanced, and are dosing CO2). You'll want some fans to exhaust the heat, or n A/C unit to bring the lights on temp to within spec.

    It's m opinion that you're going to benefit from more/better light. To keep it on the cheap, look for a 150w HPS on ebay. You can get one delivered for about $80. On the other hand, the CFL lights may prevent her from getting too big, and out of control.
  10. yea not going to spend the money for a hps light. i will be leaving soon so this is just a one time thing for now. i usally have something bloking the front of the box so the temps get high. but if i leave it wide open it stays around 75-85 so i will just leave it open
  11. picked up one of thows car windsheild sun refelctors from the 99 cent store... for 50 cents


  12. those windshild reflectors make a pretty badass cheap alternative to mylar, i really wanna see how this turns out, reminds me of the first grow i ever saw/ watched progress, Orange home depot 5 gal, under a few flood spotlights in somones garage, was when i was like 16 dude was a lil older and his parents found and chopped her. Im watching this one cos i dont think the same fate is instore.

  13. dude im gonna pick some of the car reflective shit up today didnt know i could use it and its cheap, better than the black polyethaline plastic around it at the moment thanks for the sweet idea, you plant looks great and every thing is on track, as for yeild i have no idea i asked the other day but no one could answer my question lol.
  14. ha thank you. i have high hopes for this. i will be updating once or twice a week.

    and luuke yea i have no ideal about the yeild. iv been told i should expect 1-2oz and iv also been told i should get like 10-15 grams. so yea idk

    wish i had a better camera so you guys could see her nugs

    thats the very top of the plant there are 4 preflower spots
    question every where i see a preflower spot will that turn into weed? and will it just be a nug there or does it like turn into a long stem of weed? there are 9 spots that look like this also about every 1-2 inches down the branches there is a litter flower too.... and please correct me if im using the wrong terms
  15. they grow into buds man i have about 36 or more bud sites all over my plant i feel like removing the lower ones but im to scared so ill just let it go lol.
  16. 10 grams for 13 weeks of work that would be shit 1 2 oz would be amazing.
  17. is this to hot for my plant? idk how accurate this thromoiter is but it is at the very top of my grow closet.

    i have a fan at the bottom blowing up so cool air is blow up and the hot air is forced out?

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