First grow, flowering, LED & CFL, are my buds too small?

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    Hi GC,
    So its my first medicinal grow and I just began the 4th week of flowering. Im using LED with supplemental CFL. 5 plants, 5X4 lit area, Soil, Advanced nutrients, CO2, 12/12, 76 degrees, "1000 watt equivalent Grow Panel Pro LED", 364 watts of energy smart CFL (26 watts each but equivalent to 100 Watt ? Im using 14 bulbs)

    My problem is, buds are the size of a quarter and the colas aren't even connecting yet. Is this normal? Im also using LED as the main source of energy and I know they haven't been proven, can this be the issue? here are some pics.

    BTW ::: LED is about 8 inches from canopy
    BTW ::: Strain is an unknown indica/ sativa hybrid

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    dont worry about equiv number. You want to go off the lower number.

    how many plants do you have going?

    364w from cfls.. not bad

    I have no experience with LED panels, mainly cause i think there garbage and hps is where you should have spent your money.

    your in week four.. so you still have almost a month left of the grow.

    Edit, Your welcome.. math may come hard to some. lol

  3. ---I have 5 plants going right now. I should have gone with HPS, but I wanted to save money on bills. I guess saving money = smaller buds? Thank you for your response.
  4. pretty much
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    Still with 364w cfl plus whatever the LED should be getting more than that. It looks like you're getting a quad a plant wtf. How tall are they? Maybe you just needed to veg them longer.

    EDIT: you are only on the fourth week of flowering meaning the buds still have a ways to go. Still though it looks like it'll only be a half z - a z a plant.
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    They're about three and a half feet tall, I vegged them for 8 weeks.

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