FIRST GROW: Flo, Kalimist, Sensi Star

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  1. hey guys. my friend's dad has been a seasoned grower since the late 70's, and he hooked me up with tons of info and reading materials and equipment. he gave me his favorite soil, Pro-mix, a 4-bulb floro with a rated 1000W light output and:
    3 Seeds of Sensi Star
    5 seeds of Flo
    6 seeds of Kalimist

    i started growing them in dixie cups w/ holes punched in the bottom, they were ready for transplant when grown from seed after about 6 weeks.

    at that time, we transplanted into 6-inch pots and these pictures are from about a week after the transplant. i started giving them Ironite with every other watering. its a 7-6-6 formula and i think its great.. also his choice of soil seems like a balanced pH so i don't need to worry about that.

    i built this grow space in my attic

    i bought a bathroom exhaust fan for 12 bucks at lowe's that sucks air through the room, creating a current, and out through the rafters. i have a couple intake vents on the opposite side from the exhaust so there's always air flowing.

    i've also been watering just whenever the soil seems like its drying out, so its been about every 2 days. i have a digital thermometer in there and the temp drops to around 70 at night and usually around 82 during the day. oh yeah, and its the attic so its obviously the dryest place in the house.

    i'll be posting a bunch of pictures in the next few days.. but they're doing great: they're bold green in color and one of the flo is the size of my elbow to the tip of my fingers!

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  2. hey captainobvious. looks like your onto a good start. peace, e :bolt::gc_rocks:

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