First grow, first year legal.. VIDEO

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  1. Despite it being against my better judgement I guess I'll show what I was able to do for my first year.. What I could accomplish this spring..
    It's not the best but it's all I could manage with what time and money I had available so it is what it is..

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  2. There we go.. It only went up at 360p for some reason and now is at 1080..
    I was like darn, thought it was a better vid than that but it's fixed now..
  3. Really nothing?
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    Last plant finally showed female for me this morning!!

    No Balls in my court!!

    Even though you guys are lame and don't even comment when I finally show my plants..

    Oh, and the tall skinny one in the back hit a growth spurt or something and is catching up to the big GSC.. It is as tall as me now.. And it has pink pistils..

    What's up with pink pistils? looks cool..
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  5. Genetics, and phenotypes. I had a NL with pinks and purps in the pistils, looked crazy in the first few weeks.

  6. update
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  7. I apologize for not being able to keep up, and for being lame, I guess. I don't know about everyone else, but I've had a lot going on, nothing big, just my mother passing away on the 19th of last month. Your plants look really good, and kudos for being able to do so legally, hopefully we'll be able to do so here one fine day. Just doesn't seem like equality to me.
  8. I have three fans like that ready to go next year. I'll try to be around for your finish. :)
  9. Oh, and on a high note, I just figured out how to use the Watch Thread feature. :p

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