First grow first problem, unknown deficiency

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  1. Hey guys this is my first grow and first problem I couldn't figure out and self diagnose.

    I switched to 12/12 8 days ago and noticed the yellowing of a few top nodes.

    I'm growing in soil, soil ph is 6.3 and I usually balance my nute feeds around 6-6.5.
    They're under a 90w UFO led and are relatively close... if it could be bleaching from the light let me know but I thought this wasn't the case with LED's?

    It's not too warm humidity's around 40%

    The leaves are yellowing on the inside including the veins with dark tips but only on the new growth on the upper nodes. All the older fan leaves seem to be fine.

    I've flushed both of my plants with water balanced to 6ph



    any ideas?
  2. It looks like Nitrogen Def... IMO.

  3. That's what I thought at first so I gave em a feed of Nitrogen and it got worst the next day. I've also been foliar spraying with 1/4 strength nitrogen based nutes because I read during flowering plants can lack it a bit.

    I'm thinking it could zinc and fixed with some epsom salts??

    Also I've read some articles about MG soil and I think I may have used an equivalent sort of soil with time releasing nutes??? I got it off my mates mum and was none the wiser but the plants have been healthy until now. Could this have something to do with it. If anyone else could offer some insight it would be greatly appreciated :)
  4. Yeah if its not nitrogen def.. then persionaly im not sure, im still on my first grow, im not super experianced, good luck bro\
  5. Top leaves yellowing? seems like manganese deficiency(Mn)

    Manganese deficiency(Mn) is best fixed by flushing the plants, lower the Ph. and applying a chleated fertilizer (high in metals) this will also cure the expected zinc def. as they sometimes appear together.

  6. Cheers for taking a look anyways, we were on the same page until I fed em nitrogen and they got worst hah. Plus from what I've read nitrogen affects the lower leaves first.

    Cheers for diagnosis and repair strategy! I'll have a look into these chelated ferts and see what I can find at the local :)

    My poor babies!

    Happy gardening!

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