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  1. Whats going on guys,

    Currently my setup is, 2 CFL DayLight Bulbs ( 27 watts, 1750lumens, per bulb.)
    Soil: Miracle Grow: Potting Mix
    Grow Location: Bathroom sink cabinet.


    The Story:
    Seedlings were window feed light through natural sunshine, became VERY lanky at about 4-5 inches. Invested in some bulbs an soil and we are here currently, these plants are about 2 weeks -2.5 weeks old.

    The big pot with two plants seem to be lacking growth and yellow spots forming on leaves.
    I assume the soil was/is providing too much nutes early on.

    Since I am growing indoors, I am looking to veg my plants about 3-5ft high each.
    I have ordered two Y bulb adapters and will add these pieces ASAP to each grow light. Will this be sufficent enough light bulbs to properly veg my plants.

    What is the ideal time period to veg plants before switching to flowering without sacrificing too much bud yield.

    Nice to meet you guys and thanks for any comments made.

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