First Grow, First Post. El Nino 3 weeks into flowering

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    Hi all, as the title says.....Go easy on me, first post, lol. On my last trip to the Dam i decided to buy some seeds, impulse buy(Greenhouse seeds El Nino Fem). A little while back i thought oh well might as well give it a shot. Growing under 250w cfl in soil(plain potting compost and perlite) bio bizz grow and bloom. Heres a few pics, let me know what you think

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  2. Very nice! I'm growing Lowryder 2 atm, but I have five El Nino seeds which will be my next project. That plant looks great for a first grow. Well done!
  3. Thanks, I've got some lowryder 2 and easyryder seeds and a couple g13 haze which will be my next grow. I had to tie down my girl as i didn't have enough headroom but she is now in her new home.
  4. Just a quick update, 5 weeks in and i should have 3 weeks left if im on track. got some pics and could do with some opinons.

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  5. nice lookling plants, your doing well especially for your first grow.

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