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  1. well i'm starting a grow journal for my first grow and figured id start from the very begging even with room set up, so consider this a noob wanting to be a pro creating a noob guide
    1st I'm going with an apartment grow and wanted to use the entire room but after further thinking decided to use only half of it. I cut the room in half by stapling panda film to the walls and ceilings to create a cheap room within a room.
    2nd craigslist is your friend through careful and patient searching and ill list prices just to prove my point i got a  6 inch cool tube ,1000 wt mh bulb, along with a 1000wt switchable magnetic ballast for 100 bucks all new  and another deal i got was 2 8 inch sun sun system xxl hoods with the glass for 120 with two 1000wts hps blubs and one is wired along with a 1000wt ballast not the best but usable for 240 volts. now the best deal i got was a brand new 10 inch can fan along with a can 100 charcoal filter for 320 320 bucks. so my fellow noobs craigslist is your friend (and yes growing is
    expensive hope its rewarding)
    3rd had to go to the hydro store and got soil and nutrients light hangers and decided to run with the sunshine grow mix which is just a soil less mix with no nutrients but i got happy frog soil amendment cause is seemed like a good mix with my cannabis  knowledge thus far so I'm going for a 50/50 mixture of both products. lately i got nutrients of the supernova variety i forget the names at the moment but will name if requested.
    now i set up my grow room two oscillating fans 2 grow lights 12 ten gallon smart pots and now I'm ready! wrong i need to hook up some type of cooling system for the lights cause boy do they get hot so tomorrow I'm going to get my ducting cause with one light running the temp rises to 83 degrees (far to hot )and rising before i killed my test run before adding my clones to the room.
    so my advice to all the noobs be as a noob myself Google is your other friend, be patient and you can find deals on the net, craigslist or even catch sales at local horticulture stores.and lastly if you run into any problems just work it out "like Tony Montana told Manny "whats wrong Tony nothing we cant fix" lol
    here are a few pics showing what I'm describing above and this is day 2 of having my room setup partially with no females in there but ill be patient and you should to cause the girls will be home soon.
    ill update my journal as i update my grow op from clones to harvest and re cloning .fellow noobs i wish myself and you luck


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  3. Love watching the magic happen from the beginning;  welcome to the land of shame and pride.
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