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  1. Hey gc I've finally started on the path of growing!!
    I already know I have a long way to go and a lot to get still but here's where I'm at.

    I currently have a 1.6m x.9m x .6m grow tent,
    I'm using a 150w MH light for the start of veg then will be using a 400w to finish veg.
    For flower I'll be using a 400w HPS.
    Currently I'm using a 6" oscillating fan for heat extraction and a 12" for air flow.
    I will be getting either a 4" or 6" vent fan over the next week or 2 and will get a carbon filter a bit closer to flower.
    I'm using the bubble bucket method with 6.0 pH water,

    Temperature is currently fluctuating between 25 degrees and 29 degrees but the bucket water is sitting around 27 degrees.

    Ok finally to the plants haha...
    I'm just using bagseed from some ok stuff I had recently mostly to get everything dialed in before buying seeds or clones,
    I germinated in the clay pebbles on the 16/10 and the first popped on the 19/10, the second popped on the 21/10.

    As of today 25/10, I'm switching from 24/0 light to 18/6 and hopefully these babies will start to really progress.

    I'll be attaching photos tonight,
    Any help, input, advice is welcome and I'd highly appreciate everyone's opinion.

    Happy smoking xx
  2. IMAG0022.jpg
    what do you all think?
    the bigger one is at day 6 (the one on the left)
    and the smaller at day 4
    also the light is approx .8m (80cm) or 31.5" above the top of the bucket,
    should i put it up to around 1m? or will this be ok?
  3. I use coco which is like hydro, and use 5.7/5.8 h20
    should you maybe want pH around there for hydro
  4. Thanks heaps greenthumb, I'll adjust that today, are they a bit small? I see photos of people's that are 2 weeks and they are huge in comparison

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  5. Hey just seeing if anyone has used Canna Terra Vega nutrients

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