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  1. This is my first set up. Its part of a shed 7ft X 5 It has a 600W MH, small fan, and a window ac unit venting to the other part of the shed.
    The room tends to stay 80 to 86 no matter what. I am venting the light threw the ac now at the top corner of the unit but other then that its this (pic) any tips on improving my room is what im looking for.... its fully insulated with false walls(to split the shed) made out of 1and1/2 inch insulation foam and the walls are done in the same as you would find a house ........ Just Looking For input on ways to better my self.......and I have 4 t12 single bulb units to stand up right on 4 corners Just got them a hr ago.

    soil is foxfarms ocean forest ,happy frog . 50/50 with A light mix of worm castings... Im watering with a lite mix of 5.1.1 F.E.O. less then half of the bottles recommended mix and super thrive 1 fert every 3 waterings...

    Well any tips would be of help.
    Thank You

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  2. sorry this is it with ought the 4 t12 single bulb lights

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