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  1. First off I'm going to give you an up-to-date on the first grow.

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    1. They were sprouted in the beginning of May.
    2. Vegged untill they were about 5 weeks old.
    3. Flowered for about 8-9 weeks.
    4. Dried for 10 days.
    5. Now in a glass jar for 5 days now.
    The problem I'm having is, it's not really smelling like actual ":smoking:" yet and its not really compressing in itself. Instead its got a nice crisp to it and a green smell. TONS of trichs, Like when you rub our :smoking: its got the stickiness and smell of some good
    quality :smoking:.

    Any suggestions or comment are welcome.
  2. Gosh I wish i knew how to help you. Doesn't it take a couple weeks to cure though when your putting the nuggies in a jar? Your leaving the jar open for a lil each day to let air right? I'm interested to see what the more experienced growers have to say. Just going on what ive read by others here at GC. What they look like?
  3. I actually uploaded photos but I guess they were to big. (my first thread) Please take the poll I posted.

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  4. Yea I open it whenever I think about it, usually 4-5 times daily for about 2-5 mins each. I blow in it just to get the air circulated and what not. It just seems like thier would be more to it, being the this is the final step and most important.
  5. I heard once a day would do the trick. trying limiting it to once a day for the same time. best to wait and see what the pros gotta say. just a smoker not a grower. YET!
  6. I'm not saying to do it BUT I've done it and I have nothing but good to say about it, it is not something I thought I would ever do, it's actually quite fun to actually take something you normally discard and put it in some soil, dedicate its own space, throw some compact flouros on it and watch it grow. Patients is key I found.
  7. Maaaannnn i'm 19 living on my own in Long Beach, CA. Paying 1k a month just for rent. At my age im good to go. I got nothing but time dude. There it is. TIME. Something everyone has. Just gotta know how to use it!
  8. It is a good way to kill some time, I would say about 5 LONG monthes worth. Just start off small and see what you end up with. My first grow was 9 plants and I ended up with 3 females (1 was hermie). I've spent a lot of time and money on this, as you would with any hobbie.
  9. Good deal yo! Honestly had already planned on it. Haha went cabinet shopping today.
  10. lol.. yea dude it's kinda fun showing it off to your friends and getting good feedback on our own stash, they get mad when I tell them I'm a non-profit organization lol, I'm not in it for the money, just the joy :bongin: lol
  11. Anyone else have any input?
  12. I do!

    First let me explain what the curing process actually does. When mj is stored in an airtight container, like boogies jar, it releases gases and any extra moisture contributes to resin growth. If its too wet it will grow mold, but this is rare. Anyways, when these gases are released, and forced to be around the herb, the mj will absorb some of the better gases. Early on, the gas will get stale relatively sooner.

    This makes it important to follow the 1-2 times a day opening if you want dank bud. If you dont open it often enough it will lose taste and scent, but resin will slightly increase. In my experience the resin production gained from leaving a jar closed isnt worth the flavor or scent. Also, if done right, you can maintain that scent/taste while getting more resin.

    If thats too much for you: open it 1-2 times a day for like 5 minutes, dont blow in it or anything. maybe tilt the jar so they move around a bit, but thats all. Its important for the jar to be airtight.
  13. oh yeah and trim that up immediately. Leaves left on during drying and curing make a chlorophyll taste, which is not good.
  14. Next time, make sure your pots are nearly dry, and put them in at least a 24 hour dark period before harvesting. This will deactivate the clorophyll, preventing that grassy smell.

  15. Even if some of the much smaller leaves with TONS of trichs should be trimmed away?
    Because trimmed all of the fan leaves away down to the stem, but some of the smaller leaves with trichs I left, only trimming the tips off.

    Wow really??
    That's the kinda of info I'm looking for!!
  16. some people swear by "shocking the roots" with super hot water b4 the 24 hour dark time cus itll send all the stored thc and thc in production to the buds cus it knows its the end of the road. i do it and it definately didnt hurt anything so f it
  17. Just keep on with the opening the jars for 5-10 mins 2-3 times a day and keep them in dark. I cold cure mine in the freezer with dry ice at first (don't do this unless you seriously read up on it first) and then move on to dark curing for 1 week after that in brown bags then I move to the jars and keep them in the freezer. I remove from the freezer and open them for 30-45 mins then set close and set in a warm, dark area inside the jars for 10 mins then I return to the freezer. Curing does not always do away with the Green smell, it is mainly to evenly distribute the minute amount of moisture that remains during drying. To get the dank smell follow hootsters 24 hour dark cycle and either flush with hot water as dankness says or invest a few $ into a clearing agent. I use one from Altgarden for one week before harvest and it always knocks out that grassy smell. PEACE! :)
  18. i was under the impression freezor and/or dry ice looses some potency????
  19. The loss in potency is negligible and in my experience the flavor and smell is much more pungent and it burns more consistently
  20. Try letting them dry longer...Im pretty sure the "grassy" smell your talking about is from the chlorophyl which it looks your buds still have...just a thought, im def not a pro....

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