First Grow - Finished Product Need Help Curing

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  1. First off I'm going to give you an up-to-date on the first grow.

    • Flourecent Grow
    1. They were sprouted in the beginning of May.
    2. Vegged untill they were about 5 weeks old.
    3. Flowered for about 8-9 weeks.
    4. Dried for 10 days.
    5. Now in a glass jar for 5 days now.
    The problem I'm having is, it's not really smelling like actual ":smoking:" yet and its not really compressing in itself. Instead its got a nice crisp to it and a green smell. TONS of trichs, Like when you rub our :smoking: its got the stickiness and smell of some good
    quality :smoking:.

    Any suggestions or comment are welcome.

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  2. You may have dried it too much. I usually dried mine for about 5 days and they'd get crispy to the point I'd have to be very gentle so I don't lose anything handling them into their storage box. I think when we usually buy weed they sell it rather wet for more weight, at least where I've been. For your own stash, dry is fine, breaks up so easily into a paper or a bowl. I think there's a trick to getting moisture back into the buds, but I don't know it. And the green smell, that may be how you grew it. What color were the fan leaves when you harvested? If they were bright or dark green, there you go.

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