First Grow - Feminised ppp under t5's

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  1. Want to start with thanks to Myles, Rumple, August and the many, many others who post all this useful information! Without that I wouldn't even be trying this. This is my first grow, it's a feminised ppp seed that went into a glass of water on 2.17.09 and been in rockwool for 3 days now. I'll try to post pictures as it progresses. Thanks again for everyone's help!

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  2. Here are some more pictures, it seems like the leaves have gotten paler. Not sure if I have the light too close, I've tried moving it further away now. The light I'm using is a 24w t5 tube. I've been keeping the rockwool just slightly moist. It doesn't seem to have grown much the past 2 days.

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    great to see you starting your grow career!!!! :D Im lookin forward to watchin you through this one. +rep too you if i can for starting ur journal up

    the water you give it should be between 5.6-5.9 Are you checking and adjusting the waters ph to that range?
  4. Thanks for looking! I'm using some distilled water and based on my ph test kit it seems to be around that range, I don't have a ph meter though, so not exactly sure. For a few days I had the light about 1 inch away. Right now I have it about 3 inches away and am lighting it 18/6.
  5. everything still goin smoothly? I know its only been a cpl days but seedlings change fast :eek:
  6. Hi Myles, it seems to be okay, the seedling itself seems strong, I put some wind on it a couple of hours a day. The 2 leaves seem a tad pale, but I'm just comparing that to how the looked when they first popped out under the dome. So maybe everything is cool. I have the light about 2 inches a way and just giving the rockwool a few mists every day. I checked the ph again today and it seems to be in that 5-6 range. Was just checking out your jock buds, wow those are nice!!
  7. soon enuff you'll have ur own dank :D I was curious, you gunna go with t5s all the way, use CFLs or get a bigger light such as a HPS? Just wonderin what your plan is once your babye starts to become a lil bush :eek:
  8. My plan right now is to try it with t5's, because I think I'm going to have problem keeping a hps at the proper temps. I saw some 4 tube 54w t5's for around $129 and a 8 tube 54w t5 for $199. And I'll mix the bulbs to get full spectrum like you had suggested, during flowering. I'm kind of leaning towards the 8 tube, maybe I can grow 2 or 3 plants under that?
  9. sounds good, your going with 2 ft t5s then? I have four footers in my flowering room and t5s are great. Heres the site i order all of my lighting from. Best prices I've found. :eek:

    4 footers
    2 footers
  10. Cool, thanks that is the exact site I've been looking at.
  11. Came home today and found my seedling not looking too good. It seemed okay when i left this morning, so not sure what is happening. The 24w t5 has been on all day about 3 inches from the seedling and temps were around 73 when I came home. Rockwool is slightly moist. Only thing I'm not sure of is how dry it is, it may be kind of dry so not sure if that is what it is. If anyone has any advice on how to save this one, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

    This seedling came out about a week ago.

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  12. dam, it aint lookin good :( usually when theres a prob with a seedling in rockwool this early its due to too much or too little water. When you say moist, is it overly wet? And do you allow it to dry a bit between sprayings/watering? At the same time, could it be drying out fully between waterings? I don't use rockwool cuz i find it way to hard to keep the moisture level where it should be. I really hope she bounces back tho :eek:

    If the seed doesnt make it, i'd def start the next in a paper towel then once the taproot pops out, plant it about 1/2-1 inch under the soil with the taproot facing down.

  13. yeah that seedling is.... ouch. and it seems like the only explanation is a water problem, because its so young
  14. Yeah, I do let it get pretty dry between waterings. Maybe I haven't been giving it enough. It started out looking good when I had it under the dome, but ever since I removed that and lowered the light it's kind of been stunted. I'll giving it some water, see what happens. Thanks guys.
  15. sounds good dude, ill send some weed growin karma over ur way ;)
  16. i wouldnt keep changing its envirement from high humidity in the dome to out in the open rooms low humidity.
  17. thanks myles, just a quarter oz of the karma you got going should help a ton!

    Since it's looking so sad, I'll put it back into the dome and see what happens.
  18. Well this one is probably a goner, I pulled the seedling out of the rockwool, the root is actually pretty long and still looks okay. I squeezed the water out of the rockwool and tested the ph and it was way up 8+, so that probably had something to do with it? I didn't condition the rockwool as the instructions on the rockwool said not to. I only added distilled water at 5-6ph to it, so the rockwool must have raised the ph. Next time I'll try conditioning the rockwool first. I put the seedling back into another rockwool soaked with some 4ph water, we'll see, but I think this one is going to be gone soon. I've started soaking another seed, hopefully my 2nd attempt will go better.
  19. sorry to hear bout the baby :(

    very strange that it said not to condition it. All rockwool that i know of needs to be conditioned to fix that high ph problem. Your growing in soil right? If so, id skip the rockwool and just put the popped sed in the soil

  20. yeah fuck the rockwool

    soil FTW

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