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  1. My first grow. 72 days: 400W HPS: I just want to know if I am doing this right.
    And get some info on reveg. I am totally new on this. Appreciate any feedback
    on my effort.

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  2. They look great. in the picture with the single main cola, down near the bottom you have small fluffy buds that would work great for reveg. When you harvest, keep those on the stem and also keep it attached to the main stalk. You will want to gently remove this from the soil, but keep a good bit of it intact, and transplant into a bigger pot with plenty of fresh soil. Similar to transplanting in the earlier stages of growth. Then go back to the 18/6 light schedule as well as the heavier nitrogen feeding schedule. The new growth will come from the old bud sites. The new growth will be funky looking but in a short while it will return to our familiar and beloved look. After your preferred length of vegetative growth, put her back into flower. Good luck ;)
  3. Hey....really appreciate your words. Another question......what are the physical
    indicators that we are ready for harvest, please?
  4. I can help with that one, you are looking for the pistils to be curling and changing color to an orange rather than white. This is not 100% accurate.

    You need a phone with a camera or a camera or a scope and look at the Trichomes. Depending on what effect you are looking for you want either cloudy or amber trichs. Don't look at the sugar leaves, they lie. Look at the calyxs.

    Hope this helps. Happy growing!

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